How To Reset A Samsung TV? – [Guide For Old & New Smart TVs]

How To Reset A Samsung TV?

Before we discuss the method to reset a Samsung TV, we need to have some knowledge about why is there a need for resetting a TV. As we know that watching TV has become an essential part of our lives in this modern era. You may easily observe that majority of the people spend their … Read more

What Does TLC Stand For TV? – [Background & Working Info]

What Does TLC Stand For TV?

TLC stands for “The learning channel” previously, but recently the channel has adopted the new Name-Tender loving care. As far as the question is concerned what is TLC, as the older name shows, TLC is an American TV channel. The basic purpose behind making TLC online channel was to use it for learning and educational … Read more

What Is MEMC On TV And How Does It Work? – [Complete Details]


We can understand MEMC in simple words as a mechanism that adds smoothness to the display of videos on your TV efficiently and actively. And the basic principle that governs the whole mechanism of MEMC is the addition of frames and specifically talking artificial frames to the video. As far as MEMC meaning is concerned, … Read more

When Was Colored TV Invented? [Invention & Historical Background]

When Was Colored TV Invented?

When it comes to the history of the invention of the modern TV, only one question comes to mind when was the first colored TV invented? Although efforts were being made for so long, the first TV having a Colored TV screen that RCA laboratories succeeded in inventing, appeared in front of the whole world … Read more

What Generation Is My Apple TV? – [Complete Detailed Information]

What Generation Is My Apple TV

There are different methods to find out the generation of Apple TV including the Apple TV box method & many more. This article will provide you with some of the methods and techniques that will certainly help you in finding out which generation or model your Apple TV belongs to. No matter whether you are … Read more

What Is Game Mode On TV & How to Enable it? – [Complete Info]

What Is Game Mode On TV?

Game mode can be described as a display setting on the TV screen that is specially designed for game players in order to make their gaming experience awesome by compensating for input lag or delay.  Here, the world input lag or delay means the difference of time between the pressing of a button or key … Read more

How To Set Up A VIZIO SoundBar & Connect To TV? [Complete Info]

How To Connect A VIZIO Sound Bar To TV?

Whenever we are talking about the quality of the TV watching, audio and video both are worth considering and the low quality of any of these two can have a negative impact on the quality of content on watching on a TV. Although there are different ways to overcome this problem. The most effective method … Read more

How To Clean A Plasma Screen TV? – [9 Steps & Detailed Guide]

How to Clean A Plasma Screen TV?

When it comes to the cleaning of TV screens, you need to be very careful in the case of plasma screens. It is just because they are delicate in their nature and they are more vulnerable to damage resulting from different cleaning techniques. Minor negligence or carelessness can inflict considerable damage or loss to the … Read more

How To Connect A Sound Bar To Your Samsung TV Via HDMI?

How To Connect A Sound Bar To Your Samsung Tv Via HDMI?

Most people are looking for a way to connect the sound bar to Samsung TV via HDMI. Here is an easy and simple way to connect the soundbar to the TV using HDMI. When it comes to TV watching, no one would like to compromise over the quality of either video or audio of the … Read more