How Much Does A 40 Inch TV Weigh? – [Complete Info & Details]

A TV set having the size of 40 inches weigh in between a range of 16 to 26 pounds. Excluding the TV stand, this weight comes out to be approximately 2 pounds less than the told range. And when taken in kilograms, the weight of a 40-inch TV is around 8 kg.  The weight may vary from brand to brand due to the difference in quality and type of material used. However, the weight does not exceed the limit.

Having knowledge about the weight of your TV set is necessary just because sometimes you may need to transfer it from one place to another. Or maybe you need to change its place. And unaware of the TV weight, such transfer can be problematic for you. After getting complete details, you can estimate the weight of a TV from 32 inches to 70-inch TV weight and even of a size more than that.

40 Inch TV Weigh Depend On These Factors:

40 inch TV in a room

1. Manufacturing Material:

The thing that matters the most in determining the weight of a TV is the nature of the material which is used to make the TV. So, you need to check out the material of your TV. The traditional TV sets featured the cathode ray tube and other heavy parts making them heavier than the modern TV sets.

Nowadays, modern TV sets do not have a cathode, instead, they use liquid crystals and other sophisticated materials that decrease the weight of the TV. In addition to it, many gases like helium, neon, and Argon are also used in manufacturing the display material of smart TVs.

2. TVs With Plasma Screens:

If we talk about the structure of the plasma screen, it mainly consists of two pieces of the glass sheet. These glass sheets are arranged in a manner that they have space between them which is filled with phosphorus gas.

Apart from the gas, two electrodes are also present which help in illuminating the gas and production of the display. And all this setup is patched in the form of minute chambers having different colors that make the display possible.

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3. TVs With LCD Display:

Tv with lcd display

LCD TVs have a display system consisting of glass sheets. In this type of display, plastic sheets can also be used. The major parts of the display system like color filters and crystals are located on the sheet.

While the remaining parts like capacitors and electrodes are installed on the other sheet fixed behind the front one. Looking at this display set up the TVs with LCD displays also fall under the category of lightweight products.

Why Does The Weight Of TV Matter:

1. Installation:

The first and the most important reason behind knowing the weight of a TV and its installation. You have to check the ability of the mounting system to support the TV. And it can be determined only when you have an idea about the TV’s weight and the strength of the mounting system.

For instance, if a TV is heavier than 40 pounds, then you need to check out whether the mounting clips are strong enough to hold the TV. If mounting clips are weak, you can replace them so that there is no loophole left regarding TV’s safety.

And if the weight of TV exceeds the 80 pounds, then you need to use double stud mounts. Or you can also consider installing it over a TV stand instead of mounting it on the wall.

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2. Transportation:

Transportation of TV sets from one place can also be affected by the weight factor. For example, moving a TV with less weight is easy and you can do it alone as well. But when it comes to heavy TV sets, you can not do it on your own.

transportation of tv

Maybe, you need to change the mode of transportation as well in accordance with the weight of the TV. these are two major factors that make an estimation of a TV’s weight more important.


We can say that the weight of a TV is an important factor to consider when it comes to the two major aspects mounting and transportation. And the most important of them are two names, the nature of the manufacturing material and the type of display.

The information given above will let you know the TV wall mount weight limit and similar other things like how much a TV weigh in kg, specifically discussing the weight of a 40-inch TV.

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