How To Reset Proscan TV? – [3 Methods With Detailed Info]

The process of resetting a Proscan TV is very simple and easy to go. There are three different methods to reset a Proscan TV power reset, button reset, and factory reset respectively. You can choose between these three keeping in view the compatibility of your TV and ease of doing or performing the reset.

Like other smart TVs, Proscan TVs can also suffer or face minor working problems or issues like Proscan TV volume not working. Similarly, you may also observe sometimes that your Proscan TV keeps turning off. This article talks in detail about the methods of resetting Proscan TV. However, it is necessary to discuss first the location of the reset button on your Proscan TV.

Where Is The Reset Button Located On Proscan TV?

Proscan TV with reset button

Proscan TV users must know the exact location of the reset button on a Proscan TV to avoid any discomfort or disturbance while using this TV.

You can easily find the reset button on a Proscan TV by looking at the bottom of the TV. You will find the reset button there right after the power cable. It is green-colored and small in size in most cases.

In some TV models, it is located on the remote instead of the TV. After finding out the reset button, You need to know about the process for resetting. these are the three most commonly practiced and famous methods to reset a Proscan TV.

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Methods Of Resetting Proscan TV:

1. Reset Proscan TV Via Reset Button:

The majority of users like to go for the button reset method as it is relatively simple and quick. So, you can reset Proscan TV in the following manner.

  • First of all, find the tiny hole in the bottom of your TV as stated above as well. The reset button will be inside this hole.
  • Now, turn on your TV and insert the pin in that hole. After inserting the pin, keep it pressed for a few seconds and release it afterward.
  • Right after releasing the reset button, your TV will turn off and it is an indication that the resetting process has successfully started. And after a few seconds, your TV will get turned on.
  • It is to be noted that your Proscan TV reset may sometimes take a few minutes instead of seconds as well. So, there is nothing to worry about if it happens.

2. Power Resetting:

Power resetting can be done via the following steps.

  • Take the remote of your Proscan TV and turn it off by simply pressing the power button located on the remote.
  • Now take the power adapter of your TV and disconnect the electrical connection by unplugging it.
  • After turning off the TV and unplugging the adapter, keep both of them in the same condition for a few minutes.
  • Now plug in the adapter and wait a little bit more before turning the TV set on.
  • In this last step, plug in the power supply to the TV and turn it on again.

Now you are done with the power resetting of your TV.

3. Factory Reset:

Though different TV models may have different methods for factory reset, A general and commonly used method is as follows.

  • The first step is to check out whether or not your TV remote is working well. If you observe any fault in it, cure it before proceeding to the resetting process, otherwise, it may cause slight harm to the TV’s software.
  • After that take the remote, find out the input button on it, and press it. Most probably it would be located on the lower-left corner of your TV.
  • After taking a little pause, press the 2580 buttons simultaneously. Now navigate to the factory reset option with the help of the cursor and press it. And factory reset may take the time up to half an hour.

proscan tv

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is There A Need To Reset A TV?

Sometimes you may observe minor faults in your TV sets regarding the sound or picture settings. These faults can be easily resolved by resetting your TV set. And sometimes, resetting a TV can refresh it and boost its working as well.

What Happens If You Factory Reset Your TV?

Factory reset deletes and erases all types of information put on a TV set or any other device. For example, it removes app-based and other login information from a device.

What Does Soft Reset Mean?

The soft resetting of the TV means turning the TV off via a power button on the remote. Keeping the power button pressed for a few seconds will make your TV reset. This method will not delete any information on it.


Reading the above-stated information, we can conclude that resetting a Proscan or any other smart TV is necessary to keep it working well. It not only refreshes a smart TV but also enhances its performance by curing minor faults.

If you are a Proscan TV user and are concerned about how to reset a Proscan TV, then this article is what can help you in this regard. As this article talks about how to hard reset Android Smart TV and particularly provides a resetting method for Proscan TV.

You can go for resetting through the remote, however, if you observe your Proscan TV remote not working, you can also do it without the remote via the above-stated methods.

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