Can You Zoom On A Smart TV? – [Devices & Ways To Do It]

Yes, you can zoom in on your smart TV. These are the apps that can help you zoom on your TV Chromecast, airplay, Roku, etc. We provide detailed information about the techniques and devices that you can use the Zoom app on your smart TV.

Why there is a need to use Zoom on smart TVs? Most of us are aware of the Zoom app and its uses. This app has become most popular among those carrying out business, educational or academic, and other activities online.

After Zoom login to your smartphone, you can do online video call meetings. But the question is how we can get and use zoom for video meetings on a smart TV.

Ways To Do Zoom On A Smart TV:


Using A Computer:

Using a computer to enable Zoom on smart TV is the most reliable and efficient way. This method provides you a high-quality display as compared to other methods. Because cable connections are more secure and provide better quality.

Here is the method you need to follow to get a zoom-in on your smart TV via computer.

  • In the first step, establish an HDMI-based connection between your computer and smart TV.
  • In the second step, go to the settings of your computer and navigate to the display settings. From here mark your TV as a second display.
  • Now turn on the Zoom app on your computer whenever you need it, go to the display settings, and switch the display input to the second display.
  • After switching the display to a second display, the Zoom app and the related screen will start getting displayed on the screen of your smart TV.

You can zoom on your smart TV via computer. This type of setup is helpful and suitable for professional setups.

Dedicated TVs:

Dedicated TV

Going for a dedicated TV is another way of getting zoom services on your smart TV. You will be glad to know that some TVs come with built-in features like a microphone and webcam and allow you to run apps like Zoom in them.

There are very few TV sets that come with these features. So, if your TV doesn’t have these features, then you can go for the next option.

Screen Mirroring:

First of all, you have to make a connection between the TV and the device you want to mirror either wirelessly by Bluetooth or through a wired connection like an HDMI cable connection.

Then you have to go to the settings of your TV and set the input display mode to that device. Screen mirroring will start and you will be able to enjoy Zoom on your smart TV.

However, screen mirroring is not preferred because of its drawbacks like lagging, losing the feed, and the inability to reply to text messages.

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Here is how you can Chromecast:

  • In the very first step, make sure that the device you want to mirror or cast and your smart TV, of them, are given a connection to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Secondly, ensure that your Chromecast is ready to go for screen mirroring or cast. Turn it on and proceed to the next step.
  • In this step, go to the settings of the device and which screen you want to cast. And now click on the device where you want to cast the screen.
  • Now you can start zooming and get displayed on your smart TV.


Roku Device:

You may also use your Roku device to stream the zoom app from your smartphone to your smart TV.

  • Firstly, what you have to do is get all of your devices to the same Wi-Fi connection or internet source.
  • Then turn your Roku device on and get it ready for work.
  • Go to the settings of the device you want to screen on your TV. Find out display settings and navigate to the nearby devices option. From here, select the Roku device.
  • After getting connected with Roku, your devices are ready for streaming. Now go to the display settings of your device, search for devices, and select the name of your smart TV.
  • After selecting your smart TV, streaming will start on it and you can now enjoy zooming on it.


If you are carrying out your business or your educational and other activities online, zoom can be a better option for you. And when it comes to devices, the smart TV is the best among them. If you are new to zooming on a smart TV, you must have some knowledge about the methods to zoom on a smart TV.

Smart TV

The methods discussed in this article are to enable Zoom on smart TV with a webcam. However, you can choose any way to do Zoom with the help of Chromecast or any other methods given in the details.

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