What Is Ideal Height For Wall Mount TV? – [Complete Info]

Ideal height for a wall mount TV means the TV height from the floor is inches from where you feel comfortable watching your TV without stretching your eyes. When it comes to the mounting of a TV, especially a flat-screen TV, there are various factors you need to keep in mind. Height is also considered one of these factors.

The ideal height is considered the most suitable height for a wall-mounted TV. But a question arises here “How can we determine the ideal height for a TV?” As mentioned above, determining the ideal height for a TV depends upon some factors.

Eye-level, viewers’ distance from the screen, the size of the room where the TV is going to be installed, and the resolution of the TV are some of the major factors that generally determine the ideal height for a mount TV. If you are thinking about how high should a 65-inch TV be mounted, or any other TV of a different size, you need to know about it.

Factors For Ideal Height For Wall Mount TV:

Ideal Height For Wall Mount TV

1. Eye-Level:

While discussing the factors that determine the height of a TV from the floor, the first thing you are supposed to consider is eye level. Eye-level means the angle of your eye concerning the position of the TV on the wall at the time you are sitting to watch TV.

For instance, if the height of the TV on the wall is too high for you, your eye level is not correct and you may need to stretch your neck while you are watching TV. It is always better to go for an average TV height between the highest and the lowest. That’s why eye level always needs to be kept in mind while deciding or determining the height of a smart TV.

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2. Viewers’ Distance From The Screen:

The distance of the viewers from the screen also affects the height at which a wall-mounted flat TV should be fixed. It is a general rule that the distance of viewers from the screen should be at least two and a half times greater than the size of the TV.

Viewers’ Distance From The Screen

The size of a TV doesn’t mean its width or height, rather it means the diagonal measurement of its length from the top to the other bottom end. So, whenever you are going to install a TV, you first measure its length diagonally and then keep the distance of viewers from the screen two and a half times that length.

3. Distance Based On High-Resolution TVs:

It is also worth mentioning here that new technology has provided us TVs with high resolution. For these high-resolution TVs, the viewing distance can be reduced to a considerable extent. For instance, high-resolution modern TVs may allow you to keep a viewing distance of one and a half times their diagonal length.

Modern TVs having their sizes between 55 to 70 inches allow you to have a viewing distance of up to 12 feet.

4. TV Size:

It is obvious that TV size also matters a lot while calculating the height of a TV from the floor. Nowadays TVs are available in various size ranges. The size of TVs may vary from 32 inches to more than a hundred inches. The ideal height for a TV varies along with the changing size.

For example, a 40-inch TV needs to be installed at a height more than that needed for a 70-inch TV. However, it must be kept in mind that a TV should not be too large that it doesn’t fit in your room. Therefore, the size of a TV should be selected carefully. So its installation will be easy after calculating its ideal height.

5. Place For Installation Of Wall Mount TV:

The ideal height for a TV also depends upon the place where you are going to install your TV. For example, some people think of installing their TV sets in the lounge, while others prefer installing them in their bedrooms. Therefore, the place of installation of the TV makes a difference in regards to the ideal TV height.

Place For Installation Of Wall Mount TV

If you have decided to install your TV in the bedroom, still there is a need to consider the exact location for its installation, as it affects the ideal height for wall-mount TVs. The location of furniture may make a place not suitable for mounting of TV by obstructing watching.

Therefore, keeping this factor in mind while determining the ideal TV  height is also necessary.


While installing a TV, you need to be careful about the location of a TV for the sake of making the TV watching experience easy & fully comfortable. Like other factors regarding the installation of a wall mount TV, height from the ground or floor is also an important factor.

If you are concerned about finding a 32-inch TV height from the floor, or you are looking for the ideal height for a TV of any other dimensions, then no need to worry about it. We will provide you answers to questions like how to adjust TV height and how to find out the ideal height for a TV.

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