Why Is My TV Screen Purple? – [Top 3 Solutions With Methods]

The basic and the most probable reason behind turning your TV screen purple is any fault or problem with the HDMI connection of your TV. So, whenever you face a purple screen problem on your TV, the first thing you need to check is the HDMI cable connection.

In other words, we can say that instead of going for any other techniques or methods, it would be necessary for us to check out the HDMI connection. And it is so just because the majority of the HDMI purple tint problems result from the abnormality or disorder of the HDMI cable connection.

When it comes to the methods of overcoming the purple TV screen problem, we generally have three methods to fix TV color distortion. So, it is up to you which one of these options you find more suitable.

Three Methods Of Curing The Purple TV Screen Problem:

Purple Tv Screen Problem

1. Check Out Whether HDMI Connection Is Secure Or Not:

The first method that you may adopt for the solution to the purple TV screen problem is to check out whether the HDMI connection is secure or not. Before proceeding with any other methods, you must try this method because, in the majority of such types of cases, problems with HDMI cables have been observed.

So, here is how you can resolve the purple screen issue on your TV by checking out the HDMI cable of your TV.

First of all, you have to check if both ends of your HDMI cable are connected accurately or not. There is the possibility that connection points get loosened. You can resolve this issue by changing the sockets of both ends with each other.

Therefore, what you have to do is replace the sockets of both ends of the HDMI cable with one another. Most probably, the purple color on the screen will disappear. However, in case the problem remains as it is, you may go for any of the following methods.

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2. Make Sure That HDMI Cable Ends Are Intact:

Another factor that may also make your TV screen appear purple is the loosening of the connection of cable ends. So, if the above-given method is not working in your case, then it would be better for you to check whether both ends of the HDMI cable are in good condition and firmly intact or not.

In case you find out any of the ends of the cable are not plugged firmly, you can easily get this issue resolved in the following way. To tighten the loosened HDMI cable ends’ connection, firstly you need to unplug both ends from their respective sockets.

Once you have unplugged the HDMI cable ends, you can easily plug them again carefully and tightly. While doing this whole process, you need to be careful and vigilant so that no space is left at the connection point and the ends of HDMI cables get plugged precisely in their respective sockets.

purple screen

Any negligence on your part in this regard can reduce the efficiency of this method of resolving the purple screen issue remarkably. Therefore, keep all these factors in mind while curing this issue of your TV through this specific method.

Hopefully, this method will work and will help you overcome the problem without having any difficulty. However, if any of the above two methods are not working, then you may opt for the third method as elaborated below.

3. HDMI Cable Replacement:

If any of the previously explained two methods don’t resolve the purple screen problem on your TV, the last option that is left behind for you is the HDMI cable replacement. At the same time, you must know that HDMI cable is just the last option.

Therefore, if you feel that the issue can be solved by the rechecking of connection points or cable ends, then you must avoid going for the replacement of the HDMI cable. Avoiding HDMI cable replacement can help you cut the cost to be spent on resolving the purple screen issue of your TV.

However, if you are sure that no other technique except cable replacement can help you overcome the problem, then you may opt for this cable replacement technique. After you have successfully replaced the HDMI cable, you will certainly get rid of the purple screen issue.

What Else Can Cause Purple Screen On TV?

As discussed earlier in the article the majority of the cases with purple screen problems usually reveal that there was something wrong with the HDMI cable.

However, it must also be kept in mind that it is not only HDMI cables that can cause this problem. There are some other factors as well that can cause the same abnormality.

What Else Can Cause Purple Screen On Tv

For instance, in case of a fall or any other mishap, the damage imparted to the central or display-related parts of the TV can also be behind the purple screen on the TV. But these cases are very rare to happen.

Therefore, if you face the aforementioned problem on your TV screen, it is always better for you to go for the previously explained three methods of overcoming this problem.


The purple TV screen is one of the most frequently faced problems among TV users. So, you must be aware of the methods on how to tackle this issue. If you are a new TV user and don’t have some knowledge about these issues, then there is no need to worry about it.

The methods and techniques given in this article can help you greatly in overcoming VIZIO TV purple tint or Philips TV purple tint or the same problem in any other TV brand you have.

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