What To Do With An Old TV? – [Top 4 Things To Do]

There are several different options you can do with your old TV. These options include recycling, donating, giveaways, and garage sales. Out of these, you may go for the one you feel comfortable with.

Being a TV user, there is a probability that you have a TV in your home that is no more of use. It may happen either when your TV gets out of order or you are simply upgrading your TV by purchasing the newer or latest model having additional features.

No matter which one of these two is the reason behind it, you always need to know how to dispose of a flat-screen TV. If you don’t know what options you may have in this regard, don’t worry about it.

This article is going to guide you properly about what to do with an old TV that doesn’t work. Not only this but the information is given in this article will also tell you what to do with an old TV that is still capable of working but you want to get rid of it.

What To Do With An Old TV That Doesn’t Work?

What To Do With An Old TV

1. Recycling Of Old TV:

One Of The Best Available Options:

Recycling is always thought to be the best option out of all possible ways of disposing of the old TV. Many factors make recycling the best option in this regard.

For instance, recycling proves to be a budget-friendly choice for you. We may understand it in a way that whenever you are going to buy a newer TV set, any budget lower than a hundred dollars will not work for you. While recycling doesn’t require this much budget.

Expected Budget:  

If you go for recycling, you can easily recycle your flat-screen TVs of less than fifty-two inches on a limited budget of just thirty dollars. In the case of CRTs having less than thirty-two inches screen size, the recycling can be done within the same budget of thirty dollars.

So, by comparing the cost or price of recycling and purchasing a new set, we can easily understand how helpful recycling can be in disposing of your old TV set.

Where To Get Recycling Services:

Whenever you decide to recycle your TV set, the first question that may arise in your mind is where to get recycling services. The answer is that you can easily find out the e-waste services in the area you are living in. So, you can contact the service providers and avail of the recycling services offered by them.

It must be kept in mind that recycling services are not just limited to e-waste services. Instead, you can find many of the local recycling centers that offer you these services at a very reasonable cost. One may also ask Does Best Buy takes old TVs, and you will be glad to know that yes, both Best Buy and Walmart accept old TVs and provide haul-away services to their customers.

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2. Donating Of Old TV:

What Makes Donating A Worth Considering Option?

In case your home or office TV is still working but you want to replace it with a brand new set, then it would be better for you to consider donating option. Many factors give donating a preference over all other methods of disposing of TV sets. Some of them are as mentioned below.

Old TV

As we know the screens of TVs and other similar stuff including computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones contain hazardous chemicals like mercury. Throwing older TVs or similar devices in trash or garbage can have harmful effects on the environment in the form of land, water, and air pollution.

Therefore we can say that donating older TVs can be good for the environment as it reduces the chance of spreading pollution considerably.

Where Can One Donate Old TVs?

There can be many places around you that are suitable and perfect for donating TVs. For example, you can donate your old TV to the needy, poor, and deserving people around you.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a local library, a school, or a local Goodwill. However, you can also search for donation places on the internet.

3. Yard Sale:

Another method that you may adopt for getting rid of your old TV is the yard sale also known as a garage sale. What you need to do is just take your old TV out and make a catchy display in the yard of your home.

There are chances that it will attract the attention of people passing around and you can make a deal with anyone willing to purchase your old TV. You can enhance the chances of selling your TV by turning it on when placed on display.

4. Selling Online Of Old TVs:

Another effective way that you may adopt in this regard is the online sale of your old TV. You can get help from different online sale and purchase platforms including eBay.

Selling Online Of Old TVs

Facebook and Instagram can also help you in selling your old TV. Especially the Facebook marketplace will do the best for you. You can simply add the picture and price of your TV in the ad on the Facebook marketplace and your old TV will get sold in no time.


If you have got an old TV in your house, doesn’t matter if it still works or it is out of order, you would like to replace it with a newer one. Throwing old TV in the trash can not only be a problem for you but also it can be harmful to the environment as well.

Therefore, instead of dumping or throwing your old TV in the trash, it would be better to adopt some alternative ways. The most effective and commonly practiced ways include TV recycling for cash, yard sales, and selling online as mentioned at the beginning of the article. However, you may also Donate old TV to those who deserve as discussed above.

All these methods are discussed in detail in this article, so you can get help from them.

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