How Many Watts Is A TV? – [Complete Detailed Information]

On average, power consumption by a TV set ranges from 80 watts to 400 watts. No rule can help you decide how many watts your TV will consume. Instead, there are a lot of factors that collectively decide the power consumption of a TV set. Modern TVs on average use, 58.6 watts when in On mode and 1.3 watts in standby mode.

Many other factors affect the wattage of a TV including the display technology and mechanism. The details given below will help you to get an estimate of the wattage of your TV.

Factors Determining The Watts Of TV:

The watt consumption of a TV is dependent upon various factors, Some factors are given below.

Factors Determining The Watts Of TV

1. Size Of TV:

It is a well-known fact that the size of a TV matters a lot when you want to determine the watts usage of your TV.  If you are using a small-sized TV screen, it will reduce the number of watts of power required for running the TV.

Because of the lower number of pixels. Such TVs will not require much power to keep working. On the other hand, a big TV set will have to display a comparatively larger number of pixels and use more power.

2. Resolution:

Another factor that takes part in deciding the wattage of your TV is its resolution. Different resolutions of TV displays require different watts of power.

If we take the example of modern resolution qualities like Ultra HD or UHD and 4K resolution, they are set to display more pixels.  Therefore this will provide a high-resolution display.

3. Luminosity:

The luminosity of your TV set also matters a lot as far as the power consumption is concerned. The higher the brightness of the screen display the more power is required for it.

Apart from the manual selection of brightness levels from the settings of your TV, some of the display resolutions characterize specific luminosity. Examples of such cases are 4K and UHD. These resolutions will certainly require high luminosity, it can cause more power consumption.

Therefore, the role of luminosity or brightness level can not be ignored while calculating the power consumption of your TV.

Type Of Displaying Technology:

Different technologies have evolved for the display of TVs. Some of the most commonly used display technologies used in TVs nowadays include QLED, OLED, LCD, and LED. All of these four have almost the same mechanism with minor differences except QLED.

Normally, LED, OLED, and LCD technologies do not require much power as they don’t need much brightness to illuminate the pixels. So, we can say that they are power efficient.

QLED is different from the other technologies and it needs more luminosity leading to more power consumption. QLED TVs need more wattage as compared to others having different display technology.

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Ways To Reduce The Watts Of Your TV:

Here are some of the simple ways that you can adopt to reduce the power consumption of your TV.

Ways To Reduce The Wattage Of Your TV

1. Limit The TV Watching Hours:

The first way of reducing the power consumption of your TV is to restrict its usage. And you can do it by avoiding the repetition of the watching content.

For example, if you have already watched content, there is no need to repeat it again and again. You can keep yourself busy with other hobbies or activities.

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2. Go For Surge Protector:

Getting a surge protector is also an effective way of reducing the wattage of your TV. A surge protector will turn off your TV and attached devices when they are in standby mode. It will be helpful for you in restricting your TV’s wattage.

3. Get Energy-Efficient Devices:

Nowadays almost all electronic devices are available in energy-efficient models having a respective label on them. So, you can get energy-efficient TVs and related devices to cut energy usage.


For all TV users, it is almost necessary to know how much power or watts their TV is consuming. It can help them save the amount of money they are spending on electricity bills. The information given above can help you to find out how many watts a TV uses per hour or within a specific time.


You can find out and restrict the wattage of your TV set. Hence, you can figure out from 24-inch LED TV wattage up to that of the biggest available TV in the market. So, if you want to know the calculation of your TV’s wattage, read this article.

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