Does A Universal Remote Work On A Smart TV? [Complete Info]

Yes, A universal remote can be easily connected to a smart TV and can be used to control it just like other smart TV remotes do. The only thing that you need to know is how to connect a universal remote to a TV.

If you don’t have a universal remote, you can get it from the market. Buying a universal remote can make your control over different devices including your smart TV easy and more effective.  Not only this but it would also allow you to available more and more features of your smart TV which could not be possible otherwise.

Why Is There A Need For Using A Universal Remote?

The first thing that makes the universal remote a more comfortable and worth considering choice is its ability to control more than one device without creating any problems. So, you don’t need to get different remotes for different devices. Rather this one will do the task of all of them.

Secondly, Many smart TVs come with a lot of additional features that can not be enabled or availed through a single TV remote. Rather, you are supposed to get different remotes for different features. A universal remote helps you get rid of this problem.

In short, We can say that by having a single universal remote, you can enjoy all the smart features of your smart TV and you can control different devices too at the same time.

How To Connect A Universal Remote With Your Smart TV?

After having a universal remote that can work perfectly with smart TVs, Now you need to know how can a universal remote be connected to a smart TV.

Connect Universal Remote With Code Method To TV:

A connection between your smart TV and a universal remote can be established in a code method way as stated below.

  • Before starting the process of pairing, what you have to do is find out the correct code for it. You can easily search out the respective code on the internet, or you can also see the user’s manual that comes with a smart TV.
  • After finding out the correct code for the pairing process, turn on your smart TV.
  • After that press and hold the button on the remote namely the “device” button.
  • Now it is time to put the pairing code. So, enter the said code through the numbering buttons on the remote. And keep the device button pressed while doing this.
  • And you are done with the pairing process of your smart TV with a universal remote. If the power button turns gets lit or red, it is an indication that you have successfully connected the universal remote with your smart TV.
  • In case of failure of connection, double-check the code and make sure that the code you entered was correct.

Types Of Universal Remotes:

Universal remotes have different types and this classification of theirs is based on the types of functions and capabilities of performing. Three major types of these remotes are mentioned below.

universal remotes for tvs

1. Hub-Based Universal Remote:

This type of universal remote is costly compared to the other types. As far as their functionality is concerned, they have a wider range of functions. For instance, they can provide you with entertainment by allowing the connection to your smart TV.

At the same time, they also feature connections with devices other than smart TVs like thermostats, lights, and similar other devices. And it is possible just because they feature Bluetooth and WI-FI connection.

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2. IR Based Universal Remote:

IR-based universal remotes, lacking the Bluetooth and WI-FI connection feature, can only connect to your smart TV. And we can say that they can be used for entertainment-related purposes only as they can not be connected to devices other than TVs. And they are budget-friendly in comparison with hub-based universal remotes.

3. Hybrid Remote:

Universal remotes of a hybrid nature owe the features of both other types i-e IR and hub-based universal remotes. Another thing that makes them distinct is their ability to establish both hardware and software connections.

universal remote with tv

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can One For All Remotes Be Connected To Smart TVs?

Yes, All remotes are designed in a way that they can be connected to and used for a large range of devices of common use including TVs, after programming them accordingly.

What Devices A Universal Remote Can Handle?

A universal remote can control TVs, soundbars, Roku, Blu-ray, and other similar devices.

Where To Find The Pairing Code For The Universal Remote?

You can either google it or you can consult the user’s manual that comes with the devices like TVs.


Almost all TV users are well aware of the term universal remote, but not all of them are clear about; does a universal remote works on a smart TV. We can conclude by saying that yes, a universal TV remote can be connected to a smart TV to control it.

However, you need to program or pair it to the device you want it to control. This article provides the method of connecting a universal remote to a TV and its types and working.

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