Are Smart TVs Safe And Secure? – [Risks & Its Solutions]

Smart TVs are not as safe as they are supposed to be. There are several factors that make smart TV unsafe and insecure. Some of these factors include internet connectivity, the presence of a camera and mic, Smart TV tracking and etc.

If you are a new smart TV user and are in need of answers to questions like are smart TVs safe and secure, then you are in right place. We are about to discuss in detail the possible risks of a smart TV have, and the solutions of these risks.

Possible Risks Of Smart TVs & Its Solutions:

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What Type Of Risks A Smart TV May Have?

We need to know the security and safety-related risks only when we are aware of the possible risks of a smart TV. Here are some of the risks a smart TV may have.

Vulnerability Of Private Data:

The thing that matters the most while talking about the risks of smart TVs is the access to private information including the data or passwords. Here a question may arise what kind of information or data gets vulnerable while using a smart TV?

As we know the password for smart TV and for the apps, one is using on it, is private data. It may also include sensitive information like email addresses and passwords. Therefore, anyone getting illegal or unauthorized access to your smart TV can steal all this information.

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Some apps and services need your location for the personalization of the content being provided to you. And your smart TVs provide access to your location to these service providers. And your location may be tracked and misused if not checked properly.

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You may be surprised and even shocked to know that your smart TV can spy on you without letting you know about it. And it is a worth-n noticing issue. maybe you think how can a smart TV spy on you? The answer is very simple and easy the camera and microphone of your TV make spying on you very easy.

If you don’t properly check the mic and camera of your smart TV, you are being seen and heard even when you are inside your home. In other words, we can say that you are at a high risk of being spied on.


Hackers can hack your smart TV more easily than any other device. And it is just because of the absence of software like anti-malware and anti-virus on your smart TV. Because your TV does not support or allow running of this type of software on it.

How To Save Yourself Smart TV’s Risks?

If you are doubtful about any of these risks with your smart TV, you don’t need to worry about it. You can adopt the following methods to avoid these risks.

How To Save Yourself Smart TV's Risks

Keep Your TV Disconnected From The Internet As Far As Possible:

The connection of your smart TV to the internet increases the possibility of said risks remarkably by providing a route or channel for hackers to get access to your smart TV.

Therefore, try to keep your smart TV disconnected from the internet at least when there is no need for internet. It will help you in overcoming the security and privacy risks.

Keep Passwords Strong:

The chances of hacking your smart TV are very low if it has a strong password. Therefore, always try to keep the passwords on your device strong and hint-free. Also, keep them changing time by time. Doing all this will almost eliminate the chances of hacking.

Restrict App Permissions:

Do check and restrict the app permissions. And always focus on restricting the access to the camera and mic to use only time. Go to the settings of your TV and turn the access to the camera and mic off.

Keep Your Device Updated:

Whenever your device shows a notification for a software update, go for it without making any delay. And it is necessary because an update also includes better options for the device’s security. In this way, you can improve the security of the device.

Improve Router’s Security:

Your router can also act as a path for hackers to your device. Therefore, make sure that your router’s password is also strong enough to prohibit any attempts of hacking and similar other security risks. Also, add a VPN to make an additional protective or security layer.

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We explain above in detail that smart TVs are not safe. And they are vulnerable to various privacy as well as security risks as explained above in the article. It can be considered one of the disadvantages of smart TV.

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Despite all these risks, there is no need to be concerned about them. You can protect your smart TV from all this by adopting some simple techniques and methods as given in this article. Additionally, some TV brands also provide specific security settings to avoid related risks. The most common example of this is Samsung smart TV security settings.

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