What Generation Is My Apple TV? – [Complete Detailed Information]

There are different methods to find out the generation of Apple TV including the Apple TV box method & many more. This article will provide you with some of the methods and techniques that will certainly help you in finding out which generation or model your Apple TV belongs to.

No matter whether you are going to select and buy an Apple TV HD or any other model, knowing the generation of your TV is always helpful for you in having a better experience of watching TV.

It is necessary for you to be aware of your Apple TV model and generation for many reasons. For instance, after knowing about the generation of your TV, you get aware of the advanced features, specifications, and key qualities of your TV. Which enables you to have better control of your TV.

Methods To Check The Generation Of Apple TV:

1. Check Out The Lower Side Of Your TV:

The very first and the easiest way of checking the model and generation of your Apple TV is to search out the lower side of your TV. Once you have the lower or bottom side of your device in front of your eyes, you will find some information written there.

Apart from some symbols and precautionary signs, you will see some fine text printed there. This printed text is the thing you are looking for. The text will be comprised of two or more lines.

Check out the lower side of your TV

What you have to do is just read carefully the first line of text. You will find the model number of your TV written in the almost middle or middle right side of that line. Once you have found the model number of your TV, checking out its generation is not a big deal. It would be described later in the article.

This method is considered to be the easiest and the most commonly practiced way of checking the model or generation of an Apple TV.

2. Go For Input And Output Ports Checking:

Checking the input and output ports of your device is thought to be one of the most effective and authentic methods of checking your Apple TV generation. The reason behind authenticity is that almost all of the Apple TV models have unique and differently structured ports setup.

The only exception to this method is that generation 2 and generation 3 have no differences regarding their ports setup. Here is a simple procedure that you may adopt in order to check your TV generation via the ports checking method.

3. Generation 1:

You may easily distinguish generation 1 of Apple TV from others on the basis of its unique component video ports. All five of these ports are round-shaped and are located in a linear manner.

4. Generation 2 & 3:

As told earlier, generations 2 and 3 of Apple TV have the same port setup. You will observe the following ports on the back of TVs belonging to these two generations.

  • HDMI port
  • Micro USB port
  • Ethernet port
  • Optical digital audio port

Generations of apple TV

5. Apple TV HD:

Apple TV has a distinct port structure. The ports you will find out on the back of Apple TV HD include:

  • HDMI port
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • USB-C port

The main thing that can help you differentiate this generation from others is the unique shape and location of the USB-C port. This port is generally located in the middle portion.

6. Apple TV 4K:

Apple TV 4K is slightly similar to the Apple TV HD generation. But the thing that makes both of them totally different from each other is that HD generation has three ports as named above, while 4K generation has only 2 ports namely-Gigabit Ethernet port and HDMI port respectively.

So, these are the ways you may choose for the purpose of distinguishing the Apple TVs of different generations from each other on the basis of ports setup or structure. One thing worth mentioning here is that the only thing that is common among all the generations in this regard is the power port or supply.

7. Settings Option:

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how can you find out the generation of your TV through its settings.

Step 1: In the first step what you have to do is enter the settings of your TV simply. After that, you are supposed to find out and enter the general settings option.

Step 2: Upon entering the general settings, go for the “about” option present there.

Step 3: Then click the “about” button using the remote. A list of options will appear before you. Out of these lines, find out the model number of your TV. And the model number will tell you the generation of your TV in the following way.

  • Generation 1: A1218
  • Generation 2: A1378
  • Generation 3: A1469
  • Apple TV HD: A1625
  • Apple TV 4K: A1842

TV box method

8. Try TV Box Method:

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The TV box method is also one of the easiest ways of finding your Apple TV generation. You can easily find out the model number of your TV written on the back of your TV box. This model number helps you find out the generation of your TV as described in the previous method.


If you are new to Apple TV products and want to know about the features and specifications of your Apple TV, there can be no other way better than finding out about Apple TV generations.

Once you have found the generation of your Apple TV, it becomes very easy for you to know about its specifications and special features. The methods and techniques given in this article can help you greatly in finding out the generation of your TV.

These methods help you find out your Apple TV serial number or model number and the model number will tell you the generation of your Apple TV as elaborated in the article.

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