When Was Colored TV Invented? [Invention & Historical Background]

When it comes to the history of the invention of the modern TV, only one question comes to mind when was the first colored TV invented? Although efforts were being made for so long, the first TV having a Colored TV screen that RCA laboratories succeeded in inventing, appeared in front of the whole world in the year 1953.

Historical Background of Colorful TV

It was a really amazing and unbelievable achievement of that time. This great invention replaced the black and white vision with the modern, colorful and amazing screen-watching experience.

We can say that it was a revolutionary change in the history of TV sets. This invention enabled the people of modern times to have an experience of watching clearer, more colorful, and more attractive pictures on the TV screen.

In simple words, we can say that the invention of RCA’s first color TV changed totally the concept of watching TV. Here are further details that you need to know about the history and invention of modern colorful TV.

Invention & Historical Background of Colorful TV:

Invention & Historical Background of Colorful TV

Working On Initial Stages:

The efforts for making a colored TV were started a long time ago, but it can be said that proper and practical work in this regard was started at the start of the nineteenth century. The very first advancement in the process of invention of colored TV was made in 1928. After that, the struggle carried on and some signs of success in inventing a colored TV appeared in 1940.

The successful invention of the first colored TV is marked to be done in 1954. After the invention of the first color TV, the trend of replacement of black and white TVs with color TVs started during this time. And almost all of the black and white TVs were replaced with colored ones till 1970.

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If we take into consideration the whole journey from the initiation of the TV invention to the success in making a colorful TV, it becomes clear in front of us that the first attempt made in this regard was the invention of a black and white TV.

According to the historical data, the first black and white TV was invented or made in 1880. After that different inventors and scientists started working on moving towards a color television creation.

Although, the collective efforts of inventors like Maurice Le Blanc and Jan Szczepanik tried to make a way towards the achievement of their goal of making a color TV, however, they could not succeed in making a good color TV.

Journey Towards Success To Make A Color TV:

Since the invention of black and white TV, efforts were being continuously made in different parts and countries of the world. And it was an inventor belonging to Scotland who made his first successful attempt at resolving the problem of color production or development on the TV screen.

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It was the year 1928 when this Scottish inventor displayed and demonstrated his invention in front of the world. He explained the mechanism of color production on the TV screen which he had invented at that time.

Journey Towards Success to Make A Color TV

The mechanism of creation of colored images on the TV screen he used, involved a simply made black and white TV, three different sources of light, and some discs. The discs used in this mechanism merged the light from three different sources to produce or create a colored image on the screen.

This production of a colored picture on the screen was a totally new thing for all who saw this. And this invention gained the attention of the whole world along with praise and encouragement.

Final Step Towards The Achievement Of The Color TV:

The invention of the colored picture production mechanism was a turning point in the whole journey of TV invention and innovation. Although it was a great achievement of the inventors of that time, still it needed a lot of improvement in its work.

The working on this mechanism carried on till the 1950s when the efforts of different research laboratories and inventors including the RCA and CBS researchers finally resulted in the making of a colorful television using a cathode-ray oscilloscope.

After the invention of the first color TV, still black and white TVs remained a dependable and practical source of broadcasting due to the costliness of color TVs.

However, the replacement of black and white TVs continued till the 1970s when the whole broadcasting system was shifted to color TV screens. And it was a great milestone in the history of TV invention and innovation.

Practical Application Of Color TVs:

As told earlier in this article that even after the invention of color TVs, the black and white TVs were still in practice due to the high costs of color TVs. And the maximum of broadcasting and programs on TVs were aired in black and white.

However, the shift towards color TVs increased gradually and the very first show aired in colored mode was the program simply named “ Premiere”. After that, another series was aired named “The world is yours”. Although the quality of the color picture was not much appealing it grabbed the attention of the majority of the public.

color tv

After the TV shows and series, the first baseball game was aired by CBS at that time. It was also a totally new thing and it gained much popularity. Similarly, the journey continued and you can see the massive advancement in this field today.


Being a user of color TVs, it may come to one’s mind when was the first color TV invented and how did the whole journey of invention and modifications of TV come through.

If you also have the same curiosity in your mind, then you are at the right place. The color TV facts and figures and a brief historical background of its invention as given in this article will help you understand the whole mechanism and set of events enabling you to know when did black and white TV end and color TV took its place.

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