What Ideal Size TV Should You Buy? [Complete Guide With Distance]

While buying a TV set for your home, apartment, or living room, apart from all other factors, choosing the ideal size of the TV is also a very important factor. Therefore, you should overlook the size factor while choosing a TV.

Ideal TV Size

You may have heard this question often what should be the TV size for a bedroom, living room, or any other portion of an apartment. If you are also installing a new TV in your home or you are just replacing an already existing set, you must be aware of many factors including the TV size distance ratio.

These factors will remarkably reduce the chances of mistakes regarding the selection of TV size. Here are some of the worthy factors regarding the selection of TV size for any of the rooms of your home.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Ideal TV Size:

Bigger Screen Size:

The key factor that matters the most in the selection of TV sizes is the screen size. It is a general observation that majority of the people love to have a TV with a larger screen.

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However, going deep into this aspect, we can say that the ideal screen size may also differ from person to person. For example, some people like big screens of the TV while others feel comfortable with smaller screen sizes.

Hence, we can say that screen size selection somewhat depends upon the choice of people as well.

Size Of The Room For TV:

Room size or the size of space where your TV is intended to be installed is also a factor having undeniable importance. If the room, where you want to install your TV is bigger, then the distance of your sitting place from the TV may also be larger.

Size of the room for tv

In this case, you will need a bigger size TV. The opposite will be in the case of a smaller room. However, It must be kept in mind that not in all cases, the bigger screen size will be working. For example, having a limited budget, one can not afford a bigger size TV.

Or in case he gets the one with a bigger screen, the quality of the picture will not be maintained. Therefore, while choosing the TV size for his room, one needs to maintain an appropriate ratio between the size and picture quality of the TV screen.

Distance Of The Viewers From The TV Screen (TV Size By Inches):

The distance of the viewers from the TV screen also matters a lot. It is necessary for you to know that it is not the distance from the screen that matters, but a ratio between the distance of viewers from the screen and its size collectively determines the quality of the picture you see on your TV.

tv size and distance

This ratio is disturbed when there is an imbalance between these two quantities. Therefore, before you install your TV, you must be aware of this factor and you should try to maintain a balance between the TV size distance ratio. It will help you in determining the ideal TV size.

Wall Mount Vs Cabinet:

Another factor that may affect and even help in determining the ideal size of your TV is the mode of installation or mounting. We can understand it in a way that the size of TV that seems to be suitable for wall mount may not work for the cabinet or TV table.

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For example, wall mounting necessarily needs a TV of larger size, and failure of having a larger TV screen may result in problems like the bad quality of the picture or watching angle issues.

Wall mount vs cabinet

While in the case of the cabinet, mounting the larger TV screen may not be suitable because of the shortage of space available for this purpose. Therefore, you need to keep this factor in mind as well while determining the ideal TV size for your room.


Choosing the ideal size for a TV can be a little bit technical or difficult task. But you can make it easier by keeping in view some of its aspects as described in this article.

The TV size comparison with all the factors that may influence it gives you a clearer idea about how you can choose the best or ideal size for your TV. So, keeping in view the TV size rule, you can easily determine what will be the ideal size for your TV.

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