What Size Flat TV Screen Should I Get? [Factors & Complete Guide]

While buying a TV set for home people are thinking about what size of TV should I get. Here are some of the important factors that you need to keep in your mind while choosing a Flat TV screen.

Whenever you have a plan to get the best TV for your living room or apartment, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. The size of the TV is one of these things. As we know the advancement of technology has caused a lot of changes in the TV structures.

Modern TVs are far different from those of older ones. Therefore you should make a proper place for a TV where you can place the TV in Lounge or room. Hence, the size of TVs is one of the major differences between modern and older TV sets.

Factors Of Choosing Flat TV Screen Size:

1. Choosing The Location For TV:

Before you get into the calculation or selection of the TV size, it is necessary for you to choose the location or place where you want your TV to be installed. For this purpose, you need to determine the location in your home or apartment where the mounting of the TV set will be suitable.

Select the location of the TV

For example, for some people, it would be suitable to install the TV set in their living room, while others will find it more comfortable to have the TV set in a separate TV lounge. So, it is up to where you find the installation of TV appropriate. Therefore, we can say that the location of your TV set can not be overlooked when it comes to the selection of the size of the TV.

2. Type Of The TV Stand:

Nature and type of the TV stand also matter a lot in the determination of the size of the TV. And is so because a TV stand plays a key role in determining how much space would your TV require for its mounting or installation.

TV stand


For example, the space required for the installation of your TV on the wall would be different from that in the case of its placement on the TV table. In-wall mounting too, the space requirement or need may be different in the case of different types of TV stands. Some of the stands require relatively low space for their installation, while others may not fit well in a narrow space.

Therefore, while choosing the size of your TV, make sure that you have taken this factor into consideration.

3. Sitting Distance From TV:

Apart from all other factors, your sitting distance from the TV also matters a lot. You need to select the size of TV that is compatible with your distance from it. It is necessary just because the imbalance between the screen size and your distance from it may result in lowering the quality of watching.

We can understand it in a way that in some living rooms, you may enjoy the best quality of watching while sitting at a distance of 50 inches due to a balance between the screen size and the distance of the sitting area.

On the other hand, in some cases, this distance is not appropriate. So, you can calculate the ratio of sitting distance to the size of the screen either through online calculators or by manually measuring it.

4. Picture Quality Of TV:

The quality of the picture you are watching on a TV also has a great significance. You have to keep the quality factor in mind while upgrading your TV to a comparatively larger size.

Let’s suppose, if you want to increase the screen size of your TV while having a restricted or limited budget, then you will certainly have to compromise over the quality of the picture.

Picture Quality of TV

You can maintain the picture quality by keeping the size of the TV in a medium range. So, whenever you are going to upgrade the TV size, make sure that you are maintaining a balance between the picture quality and the size of the screen.


It is obvious that the TV size is nowadays a worth considering factor when it comes to the selection of a TV. If you are concerned about the sizing of your TV, instead of worrying about it you should try to understand the factors related to the TV size distance explained in this article.

The instructions given in this article including the TV size rule will enable you to choose or opt for a TV of a size compatible with the room where you want it to be installed.

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