What Is An Ethernet Cable For A TV? – [Features & Details]

The purpose of using an Ethernet cable is to provide an internet connection to the device it is connected with. We are going to discuss the working and uses of Ethernet cable, especially on TV. When it comes to the internet connection to smart TVs, two options connect Smart TVs to the internet through Ethernet cable or WIFI.

Going for WI-FI is an effective, fast, and easier way of giving internet connection to smart TVs. However, when it comes to reliability, the Ethernet connection leaves behind the WI-FI connection. The reason is that wired connections are always better and more effective.

So, if you have a smart TV like a Samsung smart TV, it would be better for you to Connect the Samsung TV to the internet with an Ethernet cable. Here is all you need to know about Ethernet cable and its uses.

Features Of Ethernet Cable Connection:

Features Of Ethernet Cable Connection

1. Stable Internet Connection:

A stable internet connection is one of the most considerable advantages of using an Ethernet cable connection. When it comes to the stability and speed of internet service, no other mode of connection can beat an Ethernet cable connection.

So, whenever you are thinking of giving an internet connection to your new smart TV, an Ethernet cable connection is the best option for you in this regard. The high-speed internet service will be provided to you via an Ethernet connection and make your TV-watching experience smooth.

2. Higher Bandwidth:

Higher bandwidth is also worth considering the advantage of selecting the Ethernet cable connection. High bandwidth provided by an Ethernet cable connection reduces the chances of disconnection.

Not only this but higher bandwidth also has a lot of other benefits. For example, it makes the working of heavy-load applications easier, quicker, and free from lagging. This feature makes the Ethernet cable connection suitable for streaming and streaming apps.

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3. Power Saving Nature:

Power saving nature of Ethernet cable connection also gives it an upper hand over other various modes of internet connection. Because of its low power usage, an Ethernet cable connection is considered suitable for those who are in search of an energy-efficient source of internet service for their smart TVs.

4. High-Speed Working:

All of the internet connections made via Ethernet cable are efficient, highly stable, and reliable. If we talk about the speed of data transfer, An Ethernet cable connection is way better than Wi-Fi and other similar sources.

The reason behind the high speed and faster working of Ethernet cable connection is that it is a wired connection as mentioned before.

5. Enhanced Security:

If we talk about other sources of internet connection like WI-FI, they use the wireless mode of transmission of signals. Security risks are always there in these modes.

On the other side, the mode of transmission of signals in the case of Ethernet cable connection is not via wireless signals, rather it is accomplished through Ethernet cable. This factor makes this mode safe, free from interruption, and a good option.

How To Establish an Ethernet Cable Connection?

If you consider an Ethernet cable connection a better option for your smart TV and want to go for it? Then you can do it by adopting the following simple and easy method of establishing an Ethernet cable connection.

Establish Ethernet Cable Connection

1. Connect Ethernet Cable To Wi-Fi Router:

In this very first step, you are supposed to connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the respective slot on your Wi-Fi router. However, before connecting it, don’t forget to get the router ready for working by turning it on.

2. Connect Ethernet Cable To Your TV:

In the second step, you have to find the Ethernet slot on your TV set and plug the Ethernet cable into it. You can easily find out the respective slot by searching for it on the backside of your TV set.

3. Turn The ‘Wired Connection’ Option On:

Now go to the settings for your smart TV and search for the wired internet connection option here. when you find this option, navigate to the enable wired connection button or respective option and select it.

4. Insert The Password:

Now, enter the password, and you are done with establishing the Ethernet connection. The password that you are supposed to put here is your Wi-Fi password.

5. Check If The Connection Is Working:

In this final step, you need to check out whether the Ethernet cable connection is working or not. And you can do it by playing any of the apps on your TV. After ensuring that the connection is successfully working, you are done with it.

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Ethernet Cables


The only purpose of using Ethernet cable on TV is to provide an internet connection to the TV set.

If you are going for an Ethernet cable connection for the very first time, this article will guide you on how to use Ethernet cable in establishing an Ethernet connection, Also it will let you know some outstanding features of Ethernet cable.

As far as the selection of Ethernet cable is concerned, there are different types of Ethernet cable available in the market varying in their efficiency and reliability.  You can choose the one that fulfills your needs and seems fit for your TV set.

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