Can You Connect A Nintendo Switch Lite To A TV? – [Complete Info]

As you might know, unlike the original Nintendo Switch, the lite Nintendo Switch was made to be a more portable, lighter, and smaller option. But many people like you want to play with the lite switch on the big screen, but ”Can You Connect A Nintendo Switch Lite To A TV?”

The honest and straightforward answer to this question is “No.”

But wait! We have a way through which you can enjoy your Nintendo Switch Lite on TV. So, let’s dig into the topic:

Can You Connect A Nintendo Switch Lite To A TV? (Explained):

Nintendo Switch

To get in-depth, we first need to go back to the past. When Nintendo Switch was first created, its main purpose was to give two options to the user:

  • To play handheld (like a smartphone).
  • To play on a big screen like smart TV.

Now, when developers saw that many people are not even using the feature of connecting Nintendo Switch to the TV. Users were complaining that they didn’t need a feature but had to pay for it.

That’s why they came up with a lighter and cheaper version for those who only want to play games on 5 inches display. Now, (obviously) the Nintendo Switch Lite is almost 30% cheaper (worldwide) than the regular one, and gamers are happy with the cheaper option.

So, the real thing is why would it connect to your TV when Switch Lite was made for those who don’t need a device that can connect to the TV?

Why Can’t A Nintendo Switch Lite Connect To A TV?

The primary thing that Switch Lite needs to be connected to a TV is an option to share the display. In the case of regular Nintendo Switch, that sharing option is a ‘dock.’

But developers never thought to put that dock in Switch Lite as they never intended to build it for dual functioning.

And the worst part is that you can’t even buy a new dock of a regular Switch and connect it to the lighter version.

There are some docks in the market that you can buy and use. But there are several problems with this, and the biggest ones are:

  • You have to buy a dock from a third party because Nintendo doesn’t manufacture docks for the lighter version.
  • That dock can be extremely expensive. In some cases, you can even buy a new regular Nintendo Switch.
  • There is no guarantee that a third-party dock will fit your Nintendo Switch Lite.

These were small issues because the biggest issue is that Switch Lite doesn’t even have hardware that can connect a dock to it.

It means that even if you (somehow) have a dock that connects Switch Lite, the device will still not be able to transmit any audio or video to the TV.

Hence, the best solution for you (the one who wants to play games on a big screen) is to buy a regular Nintendo Switch, which will easily connect to your TV.

How To Connect A Nintendo Switch Lite To A TV?

Don’t worry if you can’t afford a new regular Nintendo Switch after spending money on the lighter version!

If you have mistakenly bought a Nintendo Switch Lite as you want to play games on your TV, we have still got you back.

First, you need to make up your mind that you can’t officially connect a Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV.

But ‘Yes,’ we have three unofficial and unguaranteed ways to connect both these devices. So, without further ado, let’s dig into them:

Phone-to-TV Cable:

The first thing you can use here is a cable that can somehow connect your TV with Switch Lite. For that, you first have to arrange a 3mm audio cable.

Now, connect this cable to your TV’s speaker or headphones. Get a spare controller if you have one (don’t buy a new one). If you don’t have a spare controller, try a different way.

Connect that spare controller to your Switch Lite. Then share the screen of your Switch with the TV (if your TV has this option).

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USB-C converter And HDMI:

In the second possible method, you have to work like a technician because you can’t manage the chaos if things don’t go well.

First, get a USB-C converter and an HDMI. You can use any old HDMI but not any old USB-C converter. Although, we can’t guarantee this whole process using an old USB-C converter will be a 100% failure.

So, always buy a new one. Now, connect that USB-C converter to Switch Lite, one end of HDMI to Switch Lite, and the other to the TV.


This will work but will not come up as well as you want or expect. To do this, you need to have a person who will have to record your gameplay (on Switch Lite) properly. You can also use a tripod stand.

Now, the thing is, you will record the video on your phone and share it with your TV live using a mirror or screen-sharing option.

In most cases, this is the only successful hack or method to play games on Switch Lite while watching them on TV.

It has two major issues:

  • Latency
  • Bad Quality

Latency means the video will come on your TV with a delay which can simply ruin your gameplay. There is no other way to avoid it but using a regular Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite

And the quality of the video depends on your smartphone. No matter which phone you use, in the end, it will not meet your expectations.


You now know the most straightforward answer to this question: ”Can You Connect A Nintendo Switch Lite To A TV?” is ‘No.’

There is no official way to do it, and you also know why. Right?

You also know some hacks and unguaranteed ways to connect your Switch Lite to the TV. But if you ask, we would never recommend any of them as they don’t deserve your time and effort. Instead, you should spend some more money on a regular Nintendo Switch.

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