Does Roku Work On Any TV? – [Complete Detailed Information]

Yes, Roku can work on almost all types of TV sets and models until or unless they have an HDMI port that makes this connection possible. As most of us know that Roku streaming stick is a service that provides users access to movies, serials, and other sorts of streaming content. Therefore, TV users are curious about finding out that does Roku work on any TV.

Being a Samsung TV user, you may be concerned about Does Roku work on Samsung TV? Similarly, those using other brands may also be curious about the availability of Roku features on their TV sets. The information stated below in the article will be helpful in this regard.

Before we talk about does all TVs supporting Roku? Know about the working of Roku is necessary.

Working Mechanism Of Roku:

The working mechanism of Roku streaming is similar to all streaming devices. What you have to do is just give Roku connection to your TV via HDMI port and you are done with it. After establishing the connection, you will start getting streaming signals from roku on your TV.


Also, no HDMI cable is needed for a Roku streaming stick. But in the case of HDR, you will definitely have to connect both devices via HDMI cable.

Streaming Features & Services Available For Using Roku Streaming Device:

  • HBO
  • Amazon prime video
  • YouTube
  • Sling TV
  • Netflix
  • Hulu

We can say that Roku is a device that makes the streaming of content possible on bigger screens for you.

Do All TVs Support Roku?

All of the TVs having HDMI port support allow Roku streaming on them. It means that the primary requirement for a TV to support Roku is the availability of an HDMI port.

Almost all the TV models nowadays come with an HDMI port.  Therefore, we can say that making Roku work on your TV is not a big deal.

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Method Of Connecting Roku To The TV:

After being aware of the working mechanism of Roku and the fact that Roku can work on almost all TV brands and models, you will certainly need to know the method for connecting Roku with your TV. Here is an easy and simple method for connecting Roku with a TV set.

connect roku to tv

Device Setup:

The first step is to make sure that you have all the required devices, cables, and other related parts. The things you will need in this process:

  • Streaming device
  • Controller
  • Wireless receivers
  • Guide
  • HDMI cable ( If the streaming device you chose, does not come with an HDMI cable)

After making sure that you have all these parts and devices, you can proceed to the connection method as follows.

Establish A Connection:

First of all, take the streaming device, unpack or uncover it, and connect it to the respective slot in your TV set. In this way, one end of the streaming device will get attached to your TV, and its other end is supposed to be connected to the wireless receiver.

After that, you need to connect this end of the device to the USB port of the TV. If you have got HDR device instead of a stick, then connect one end of the HDMI cable to the TV and plug its other end into the streaming device.

Set The Controller Up:

After successfully making a connection between the streaming device and your TV, the next step is to set up the controller. And the process of setting the controller is very simple.

You simply need to take the controller, remove its covering, and insert the battery into it. After that check out whether it is working or not, and you are done with the setting of the controller.

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Provide Internet Connection:

At this stage, you need to provide an internet connection to the streaming device. You can do it by going to the wireless connection setting of your TV. Here you can navigate to the available devices and select the streaming device.

After that log in to your Roku account by putting in credentials. And the streaming device will get automatically connected to the internet source. Now you are done with connecting your TV to Roku.

samrt tv with roku device

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Possible To Connect Roku To A Non-Smart TV?

Yes, you can easily connect your nonsmart TV to Roku by HDMI method as told above.

How To Check The Compatibility Of The TV With Roku?

If your TV has an HDMI port, it is compatible with Roku.

Is An Internet Connection Needed For Roku?

Yes, you will need to give an internet connection like WI-FI to Roku.


When it comes to the streaming of content on TV, Roku is one of the best and most commonly used devices. No matter what TV model or brand you have, it can run Roku streaming on it provided that it owes an HDMI port or slit.

So, if you are thinking about it; does Roku work on any TV? you can get help from this article. It not only briefs about Roku working but also lets you know how to connect it to the TV. You can enjoy streaming after a successful connection and have logged into the Roku setup account as told above.

From the information stated above, you can also know how I connect my Roku to a non-smart TV.

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