What Devices Turn TV Into A Smart TV? – [Complete Guide]

When it comes to turning a TV into a smart TV, these devices can include Google Chromecast for TV, gaming devices, Apple TV, and Fire TV stick Amazon brand. Why is there a need for turning a TV into a smart TV? Nowadays almost all TV brands and models are smart TVs. They provide you with smart features including streaming from the internet via platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.

However, if you have an old TV set not having these smart features, then no need to worry. You can turn your TV into a smart TV easily. There are different ways, Adding or attaching a device is one of these methods. So, if you are thinking of making Plasma TV a smart TV, you can do it by attaching any of the devices to your TV.

Devices Turn TV Into A Smart TV:

Turn TV Into A Smart TV

1. Fire TV Stick:

The Fire TV stick is one of the most suitable and commonly practiced devices for converting a TV into a smart TV.  The Fire TV stick is suitable for homes having Alexa-supported devices. Fire devices are classified into three different categories i-e stick, stick lite, and 4K. The selection of fire TV device type depends upon the resolution of your TV. The compatibility order is as given below.

  • 1080p: Fire TV stick lite
  • 4K: Fire TV stick 4K

No matter which one of the Fire Stick types you are using, all of them are compatible and support all streaming platforms.

Also, these devices support Alexa and this allows you to control other home devices as well.

2. Chromecast:

Chromecast is helpful for those using Android phones, tablets, or other devices in their homes. You can easily stream what you want from the internet using Chromecast. It allows you to stream the content of your choice from the internet via streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Spotify as well as Netflix.

In this way, you can get these features of smart TV on your nonsmart TV. A drawback of going for Chromecast is that it doesn’t provide you facility of the remote. Rather you will need an Android or other device to control it. However, the modern version of Chromecast comes with a remote.


3. Gaming Devices:

Gaming devices like Xbox and PlayStation can also help you convert a traditional TV into a smart TV. And they make this conversion possible just because they have and provide you access to the streaming platforms or apps. The streaming apps that give access to gaming consoles include YouTube, Hot Star, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Using gaming devices like consoles, you can start streaming from the internet on your nonsmart TV. It is also worth considering that these devices provide you with a data storage facility as well.

However, gaming devices are not a preferable option because it has some drawbacks. For instance, a gaming console will only be restricted to your TV and will not allow its connection with other home devices. At the same time, gaming devices are complex to use. Another major disadvantage of using gaming consoles is that they do not come with a multimedia remote and you will have to buy one separately.

4. Apple TV:

Apple TV is one of the most effective devices for converting your TV into a smart TV. However, this device will be more effective and suitable for you if most of the devices used in your home belong to the Apple brand.

Although this option may cost you four times from others. it is efficient, smooth, and quick working giving it an upper hand over others. Apart from efficient working, Apple TV provides you with more storage space as well.

5. Computer Or Laptop:

Your computer or laptop can also work as a device that can turn your TV into a smart TV. You can connect your computer or laptop to your TV via HDMI, streaming apps, or a web browser.


After connecting your TV to a computer or laptop, you can enjoy internet streaming and other smart TV features. Your laptop or PC can also enable you to control your Google assistants and control all of your home devices.


There are different methods you can adopt to turn your TV into a smart TV. One of these methods is to add a device to your TV. But the question arises here what devices can make this conversion possible? The devices mentioned in this article are considered among the most practical and effective options to turn your TV into a Smart TV. So, you can go with any of these devices.

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