How To Connect Your Computer To TV? – [Complete Details]

You can connect your computer to a TV through different methods. These methods of connecting & streaming PC on TV using HDMI, DVI, and WI-FI. No doubt the smart TVs are in demand nowadays and have successfully made a place among the devices used in houses & offices.

However, those not having a smart TV can also enjoy the smart TV features. And they can do it by connecting their computer to the TV. But a question that comes to mind is how can a computer be connected to the TV? There are different methods to connect a computer to a TV.

Methods To Connect Your Computer To TV:

1. Connecting Computer To TV Via VGA Or DVI:

Connect Both Of The Devices Via DVI Or VGA:

In this first step, you have to connect the computer to the TV using either a DVI or VGA cable. But it is necessary to make sure that both the devices have similar ports on them and the cable you are using must also give both ends of the same nature.

If you are unable to find the VGA slot on the TV, don’t worry because sometimes it is named “PC IN” as well.

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Go For An Audio Cable Connection:

After connecting your computer to the TV via VGA or DVI cable, you have to establish an audio connection between them as well. Take an audio cable of 3.5mm and plug one of its ends into the headphone slot on the computer which is in green color.

Now find the audio-in port on the TV and put the other end of the audio cable into it.

TV Input Settings:

In this step, you are supposed to set the input settings of your TV to the correct source. What you have to do is just go to the input settings and switch the source to either VGA or DVI. In some TVs, this input option may be named “PC” as well.

Make Your Computer Detect The TV:

Enter the display settings of your computer and enable the “detect” option. Names of TVs with numbering will appear here and you can easily find out which of the TVs has been assigned with what number. After detecting the respective TV number identify it.

Choose The Display Option:

Multiple display options will appear including mirroring, extended display, and restricting the display to only one or a limited number of TVs.

DVI, HDMI and VGA cable

2. Connect Computer Via HDMI To TV:

To connect your computer to a TV through HDMI, you need to follow the below-given steps.

Establish An HDMI Connection:

Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI slot on the computer and the other one into the respective slot on your TV. There is no difference between both ends of the HDMI cable, so you can connect any end of the cable to any of the two slots.

hdmi cable

Set The Input:

Go to the settings of your TV with the help of buttons on the remote. Navigate to the input settings and turn the input option to the HDMI slot. In case of multiple slots, you need to choose the slot where the HDMI cable was plugged.

Manage The Display Settings Of Your PC:

Go to the display settings of your computer and find out the “detect” option. Click on this detect button and your computer will automatically detect and establish a connection with your TV. If not, then you can find out the corresponding numbering label of your TV and select it.

Selecting The Display Mode:

Different modes of display will appear as mentioned in the previous method as well. You can choose any of them according to your needs.

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3. Connect Computer To TV Through WI-FI:

You can connect your computer to the TV via Wi-Fi in the following way.

  • First of all, you have to enable and configure the Wi-Fi mode on the TV set. Before doing so, make sure that your TV has this feature and allows it.
  • After successfully connecting your TV with Wi-Fi, enter the display settings of your computer and navigate to the “multiple display” option.
  • After that out of the different options appearing in front of you, choose and click the “duplicate this display” option. Once clicked, it will be successfully applied.
  • Now, open Windows settings and enter the “devices” option. After that choose the connected devices and search for the “add device” button. Here, find out the name of your TV and click on it.
  • Now your computer is connected to the TV and you can enjoy the features of this connection.



Connecting your computer to the TV can add many features to your TV. the basic question is how to connect a PC to the TV.

We have discussed in detail three of the most commonly used methods of connecting computers to the TV. You can go for one of the methods which suits you. This article will tell how to connect a Samsung TV to a PC with HDMI.

Hence, These are the methods of connecting a computer to a TV to let you know how to convert a TV to a computer.

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