Why Does My TV Say No Signal When HDMI Is Plugged In?

There are many factors that can cause the No signal problem on a TV set when HDMI is plugged in. The No signal problem occurs due to faults in drivers and ports, usage of the wrong HDMI cable type, low quality of connection, incorrect input source, and any bug in the software.

The methods of tackling the mentioned issues as given below will provide complete solutions to those who are concerned about their Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input signals. And those who complain about their Sony TV not recognizing HDMI input can also equally take help from this article.

Ways To Resolve The No Signal Issue On TV When HDMI Is Plugged In:

No Signal Issue On TV

Update The Drivers:

Driver updates are one of the leading causes behind the No-signal issue. You can cure it simply by updating the drivers. The drivers that usually cause the problem on TV. Sometimes graphic drivers and chipset drivers can become the issue. Updating both of them is not a difficult task.

What you have to do is just get the application name “Drive” quickly. This app will find the best driver according to the TV set, after effectively analyzing the compatibility of your TV set with the drivers. After that, you can easily update the graphics as well as chipset drivers of your TV sets and the problem will get resolved.

You can enhance the efficiency of work by subscribing to the pro and paid plan of the website.

Select The Correct Input Source:

An incorrect input source can also cause the No signal problem. Therefore, check this factor while trying to overcome this issue. This sort of problem is more likely to occur in TV sets with multiple HDMI ports.

If a TV has more than one HDMI port, there is a probability that you select the port other than the one with an HDMI cable plugged in, from the settings of your TV. And you can overcome it by carefully analyzing the HDMI having the HDMI cable plugged in and selecting it from the settings.

Turn Your TV Off And Then On:

In some cases, minor faults in TV sets can also make your TV faulty and you can face No signal problem. And there can be no other method better than resetting your TV set. Here is the term resetting means turning off and on your TV set respectively. You can do it in the following way.

smart tv

Cut the electric or power supply to your TV by unplugging the power cable. Now, wait for a few minutes. And after that plug the power cable back into the TV set and turn it on. After turning the TV on, you will observe that the No signal issue will get vanished.

Turn The HDMI Settings Option On:

Disabled HDMI option in the settings of TVs is also a leading cause behind your TV’s no signal problem. Sometimes it is disabled by default and other times it may be disabled by users. In both of the cases, you need to turn the HDMI settings on in the following way.

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For instance, if you are using an Android device to stream it on your TV, In such cases the No signal problem exists. You can overcome this problem easily by going into the settings of your TV. So, navigate to the connections and then to HDMI connections. From here turn the HDMI button on if it was turned off, and you are done with fixing the no signal issue.

Try Resetting Your TV:

If none of the above methods are working, the most suitable option left behind is resetting your TV set. Therefore, don’t forget to reset your television. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that you will lose all your saved data on the device if you go for the factory reset option.

That’s why you must back up your data before going for a reset. In this way, you can save your data on the hard drive.

Reconnection Of HDMI Cables:

The No signal problem can be a result of any fault in the HDMI cable or ports. You can tackle this problem by disconnecting the HDMI cables and connecting them again back to HDMI ports. It will most probably take out the minor faults in HDMI cable connections. You can check all the ports one by one and the HDMI cable and fix this issue.

Reconnection Of HDMI Cables to tv

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What Causes No Signal Problems in TVs?

There can be many different causes behind it as explained above in the article, but the most common of these cases is a faulty HDMI cable or port.

How To Resolve HDMI No Signal Problem?

The frequently used method for curing this problem is to check out the settings of the TV and enable the HDMI option.

What Are The Causes Behind Faulty HDMI Cable Connections?

Primarily it is the incorrect settings of your TV that causes faults in HDMI cable connections.


While using TV sets, you may be sometimes worried about why my TV says “no signal when HDMI is plugged in”. Or you may also observe no signal on TV HDMI. If it happens, you do not need to worry about it as we explain solutions to this problem.

What you have to do is just find out the cause of the problem in the light of the information given above. After finding out the cause behind the problem, you can cure it through any of the methods stated above accordingly.

For example, if you find out that the HDMI needs to be reset, you can go for resetting it as the articles let you know how I reset my HDMI port.

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