Best Selling TVs for PS2 Gaming 2024 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Do you know Sony PlayStation 2 was the best-selling console in 2022? However, it is not easy to gather the best PS2 games as there are so many games from different genres. From Grand Theft Auto to Metal Gear ground-braking sequels, the perfect for enjoying your game is by choosing the best TV for PS2.

Have you ever tried to find a suitable TV for your PS2? If so, you must have realized that it’s not as easy as it looks. From connectivity options to picture and sound quality, you have to consider every aspect for the best ps2 gaming TV.

We have analyzed, reviewed, and checked features and customer reviews before selecting these top-rated 5 PS2 TVs available on the market.

5 Best TVs For PS2

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Sony X900H Smart TVSony X900H Smart TV4.9 Check Price
VIZIO V655-J09 Gaming TVVIZIO V655-J09 Gaming TV4.8 Check Price
Caixun EC24Z2 LED TVCaixun EC24Z2 LED TV4.6 Check Price
LG NanoCell 50NANO80UPA Smart TVLG NanoCell Smart TV4.6 Check Price
Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TVHisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV4.4 Check Price

1. Sony X900H Smart TV- Best Selling Gaming TV:

Sony X900H Smart TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen Size 65 inches
  • Resolution 4K
  • Connectivity technology HDMI
  • Display technology LED

Play your favorite games, watch movies, and your favorite sports on this best TV for ps2 by Sony; X900H offers accurate world detail and texture, thanks to the 4K HDR Processor X1. The Fully Array LED provides ideal contrast by making light areas perfectly lighter and dark areas darker. There is TRILUMINOS display technology used for advanced color and gradation.

You can enjoy on-screen action along with excellent motion response with the X-Motion clarity technology. Take your PS2 gaming experience to the next level with the dedicated gaming mode for more responsive and smoother gaming. There are the latest HDMI 2.1 standards featuring VRR, ALLM, and 4K at 120 fps for decreased input lag. Also, the features help to improve the frame rate and ultra-smooth motion.

When it comes to smart controls, the TV allows using voice commands with Google Assistant. There is also an Alexa assistant to play music, adjust volume and launch video apps. Additional features include X motion clarity technology, Apple AIRPLAY 2, DOLBY VISION, and NETFLIX calibrated mode.

  • Bright and clear motion
  • Dedicated gaming mode
  • Google and Alexa Assistant compatible
  • Ultra-slim wall mount design
  • Acoustic multi-audio system
  • Dark screen corners

2. VIZIO V655-J09 Gaming TV:

VIZIO V655-J09 Gaming TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen Size 65 inches
  • Display technology LED
  • Connectivity technology Ethernet, HDMI, and USB
  • Resolution 4K

VIZIO is getting incredibly popular for its fantastic features. The V655-J09 comes with more than 8 million pixels to provide your breathtaking detail. Equipped with Dolby Vision, it transforms your TV experience with exceptional contrast, brightness, and color. Another handy feature of the V-series is that it supports HDR10 and HLG formats.

Featuring a full array backlight, the TV perfectly distributes LEDs across the backlight of the screen for excellent light uniformity and picture performance. Thanks to the IQ active processor, it delivers ideal picture processing, including a robust and intelligent 4K upscaling engine to enhance your favorite movies, games, and sports quality.

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The intelligent pixel-level brightness adjustment tune various contrast levels frame by frame in more than 2000 zones of the screen for excellent visual contrast. VIZIO has added a special gaming mode for enhanced clarity to enjoy dark gaming scenes and improve the gaming experience.

Last but not least, the WatchFree+ allows enjoying countless channels of live TV, including news, TV shows, sports, movies, and also foreign language programs. Additional features include a voice remote, smart cast platform, and auto-brightness adjustment.

  • Lightning-fast IQ processor
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 compatible
  • Fully Array Backlight
  • Gaming mode for low latency
  • Elegant bezel-less design
  • Speakers need improvement

3. Caixun EC24Z2 LED TV:

Caixun EC24Z2 LED TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen size 24 inches
  • Resolution 720p
  • Display technology LED
  • Connectivity technology USB, HDMI, and Optical

The best small TV for PS2, EC24Z2 LED TV, comes with 720p resolution. The super slim LED display technology allows placing the TV anywhere in the room. The HD technology comes with stunning picture quality, ideal brightness, and a vivid range of colors. Thanks to the wide viewing angles, this smart TV offers vertical and horizontal angles up to 178 degrees for a deeper immersive experience.

Equipped with LED backlighting technology, the 720p gaming TV has exceptional brightness and great image clarity. Another benefit of LED technology is that it uses less amount of electricity to reduce bills. Dolby audio delivers powerful, rich, and cleat sound in small rooms.

One of the most appealing features of the PS2 TV is its stick stand design. It allows to wall mount the TV for space-saving and also table mounts on the cabinet. However, you have to buy a wall mount bracket separately.

The refresh rate of the TV is 60Hz which is excellent for gaming. Through the HDMI interface, you can easily connect external devices, including your computer, video gaming consoles, fire sticks, and so on. Other essential features include remote control, one year warranty, and a user manual.

  • Super slim LED display
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Stick stand design
  • Immersive sound quality
  • One year warranty
  • No smart features

4. LG NanoCell Smart TV:

LG NanoCell Smart TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen Size 65 inches
  • Resolution 4K
  • Connectivity technology HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet
  • Display technology LED

Using nanoparticles, a unique Nanotechnology by LG, this TV filter refines color by removing impurities from RGB wavelengths. In simple words, it provides accurate colors for every scene. LG ThinQ technology allows choosing your favorite voice assistant and controlling the LED TV to provide ultra-convenient control.

Thanks to the Quad Core processor 4K that gives a smooth, crisp viewing experience with improved colors, contrast, and blacks. One unique feature is its wireless surround sound. You can connect compatible Bluetooth speakers to enjoy the surround sound experience.

LG has always been working on innovative technologies, and Filmmaker Mode is the best example of continuous improvements. This model comes with automatic picture and processor settings to translate the cinematic vision of the film director.

Stay alert with the sports alert feature and schedule your routine to stay connected with your favorite sports. A game optimizer is one ideal way to take your gaming experience to the next level. There is an auto low-latency mode and dynamic gaming.

A magic remote comes with a point, scroll, click, voice control, and buttons for convenient management. The newly designed screen shows you personalized content suggestions and lets you control all connected devices in a single place. There is built-in access to Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV+, LG, and Disney+. Last but not least, there are Google and Alexa voice assistants to stay connected with smart devices.

  • Auto Low-Latency Mode
  • It comes with a magic remote
  • Local Dimming lighting control
  • Personalized home screen
  • Super slim design
  • High price

5. Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV:

Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen size 55 inches
  • Display Technology LCD
  • Connectivity technology Ethernet, Wireless and HDMI
  • Resolution 4K

Whether you want to enjoy movies, TV shows, sports, or PS2 games, this Hisense H9G Quantum Series 4K ULED Smart TV is with Quantum technology provides astonishing images with ideal colors, brightness, more details, and smoother motion. You can conveniently enjoy each movement in fast-paced sports, games, and movies with a motion rate 240 image processing mechanism.

The full-array local dimming zones provide an excellent HDR experience with about 1000-nits peak brightness across 90 local dimming zones. Just like other best PS2 TVs, Hisense has added a dedicated gaming mode to improve input lag for an enhanced gaming experience. Automated scene recognition consistently adjusts the sound and picture.

Hisense H9G features Dolby vision HDR picture along with Dolby Atmos sound technology to transform your home into a perfect entertainment powerhouse. Additionally, this gaming TV is compatible with Google and Alexa Assistant to control smart devices in your home.

Last but not least, an easy-to-use voice-enabled remote control allows you to search for your favorite movies, adjust volume, and search or open trending apps.

  • Gaming mode for optimized gaming
  • Full array local dimming zones
  • Far-Field Voice Control
  • One year warranty
  • Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos sound technology
  • Ordinary design

Essential Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Ps2 Gaming TV:

There are many differences between gaming and other TVs. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper information before investing in gaming TV sets. Here are some crucial factors to finding the best TV for PS2.


Input Lag Is Essential?

The delay between executing an action and the genuine result manifesting itself on your TV screen is known as Input lag. If the TV has high input lag, the gaming will feel more sluggish. It may be pretty frustrating for gamers, especially when you are playing fast-paced games like first-person shooter titles.

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Nowadays, modern smart TVs have complicated picture processing algorithms that enhance input lag significantly. This is one of the main reasons why TV manufacturers include a specific gaming mode to reduce the input lag.

VRR, ALLM, and 4K at 120Hz:

Modern TVs are equipped with different next-gen gaming features to allow you to make the most out of your new console or premium PC.


Unlike TV shows and movies, game frame rates fluctuate depending on the processing amount needed by the GPU. That’s why VRR (variable refresh rate) is essential. It helps the TV to adjust the refresh rate to watch the game properly. In simple words, it helps to reduce judder, lag, and frame tearing for more fluid gameplay.

Some of the popular forms of VRR include Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync.


An Auto Low Latency Mode, known as ALLM, automatically switches to low-latency Game mode when you connect a compatible console with your TV. This feature helps to provide the fastest possible response time. A picture quality takes a small hit in low-latency mode as the TV has to dial back the picture processing to boost up response time.

4K at 120Hz:

The PS2 and Xbox Series X have the ability to output games on 4K signal (up to 120fps), which is double the frames that the last-gen console generates. There are TVs available with 60Hz, which means they can’t display games at anything above 60fps.

Remember, purchasing a new 120Hz TV doesn’t mean you can see your favorite game in 4K at 120fps. Make sure your gaming TV has 120 Hz HDMI 2.1 complaints.

Screen Size:

Size is one important feature you should consider in every gaming TV. A TV with a large screen size provides a more immersive gaming experience. However, it depends on your room size to choose the right-sized gaming TV. A simple rule is to make sure you can clearly see everything on the TV screen.


The design makes your TV more appealing. A TV with a thinner bezel set offers more immersive gaming and picture. Port placement is another essential feature to disconnect the gaming system from any regularity. You may find a TV with conveniently accessible connections, but some don’t have such features.

Smart Features:

Don’t neglect the importance of smart features in gaming TV. Your new TV should have features like trending app streaming services and offer a combination of online and over-the-air options. Also, make sure the TV is Google and Alexa assistant compatible so that you can connect and control your smart devices for convenience.


From excellent picture quality to the clear sound, a TV for PS2 provides all essential features to make the most of your game and gaming console. Don’t forget to consider the user reviews as they can help you to make the right choice. An expensive TV doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be best for gaming but the one that has all features for your gaming needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play A PS2 On My 4K TV?

You may not have components on a 4K TV, though, so you need to get an AV port to the HDMI adapter box to play PS2 on a 4K TV.

Can I Connect A Ps2 To A Pc Monitor?

You need to plug the VGA cable from your computer into a VGA-In input on a switch box. There are now two video cables going to the PC monitor, and you need to switch video sources directly on a PC monitor when you want to switch between a computer and PS2.

What Is The Best TV Resolution For Ps2?

The PS2 can support output resolutions natively on HDTV and SDTV from 480i to 480p, whereas other games like Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo 4 support up-scaled 1080i resolution.

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