How To Set Up A VIZIO SoundBar & Connect To TV? [Complete Info]

Whenever we are talking about the quality of the TV watching, audio and video both are worth considering and the low quality of any of these two can have a negative impact on the quality of content on watching on a TV. Although there are different ways to overcome this problem.

The most effective method is connecting the soundbar to the TV set for high-quality volume. Anyone can ask about the VIZIO soundbar pairing task. Generally, there are two types of connection of soundbars namely connection through wires and VIZIO soundbar Bluetooth respectively. Here is a detailed guide to connecting the VIZIO soundbar to your TV.

Connect A VIZIO Soundbar To TV:

Open The Packing Of SoundBar:

In the first step, open the packing of your VISIO soundbar and check out whether all necessary instruments including the wires, cables, and mounts are there or not. After making sure that all the cables and wires are there, you have to remove the covering of the cables.

The purpose of covering the cables is to protect them from water and other environmental factors. After uncovering the cables, they are ready to be connected to your respective device.

Connect The SPDIF Cable To Your TV:

After you have successfully uncovered the SPDIF cable, the next step is the connection of this cable. You need to connect one end of the cable to the slot or port present on the backside of your TV.

However, before connecting the SPDIF cable to the port, don’t forget to remove the protective stuff on the port.

SPDIF cable

The protective stuff on the port is generally in the form of plastic-made plugs which provide safety to the port against dust.

Connect The Other End Of The SPDIF Cable To The Soundbar:

In this step, you are supposed to connect the other end of the SPDIF cable to your soundbar. It is necessary to mention here that the port on the soundbar for the connection of the SPDIF cable will be exactly similar to that found on the back of your TV set.

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Following the same process, you need to remove the protector from the slot or port and then connect the SPDIF cable to it.

Turn The VIZIO Soundbar On:

Once, you have successfully connected the SPDIF cable to your TV and soundbar, it is time to turn the VIZIO sound bar on. For this purpose, you have to give an electrical connection to it.

vizio Sound Bar

After connecting the VIZIO soundbar to the power supply, give the command to the TV to turn on by pressing the input button on the VIZIO soundbar remote. After pressing the input button and entering the main menu, you can navigate using the arrow keys on the remote.

Audio Setting Of Vizio Soundbar:

Now, after the VIZIO soundbar has been turned on, go for the setting of audio or speakers. In order to do so, you need to navigate to the TV speakers option through the menu button and arrow keys.

Then, turn off the speaker’s option so that the echo effect can be turned off. After that, using arrow keys go to the audio out setting option and then set it to the Bitstream option or mode. Now the VIZIO soundbar is successfully connected to your TV set and is ready for use.


If you want to overcome the problems like low-quality audio while watching TV, the best thing you can do in this regard is to get and attach a VIZIO soundbar to your TV set. If you are going for this option for the very first time, then you will need proper guidance and help in this regard.

The mechanism of installation of the VIZIO soundbar given in this article is the Best VIZIO soundbar installation method. Furthermore, the VIZIO soundbar instructions mentioned above will make the connection of the soundbar with your TV easy for you.

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