How To Clean A Plasma Screen TV? – [9 Steps & Detailed Guide]

When it comes to the cleaning of TV screens, you need to be very careful in the case of plasma screens. It is just because they are delicate in their nature and they are more vulnerable to damage resulting from different cleaning techniques. Minor negligence or carelessness can inflict considerable damage or loss to the plasma screen TV.

Streaks are one of the most common problems people usually face while cleaning their TV screens and especially in the case of plasma screen TVs. Apart from the streaks problem, even a screen cleaner for a TV may also be a cause of infliction of damage or harm to a plasma TV screen.

Therefore, you have to be careful while cleaning your plasma screen TV. As far as the cleaning of plasma screen TV is concerned, most people are unaware of the cleaning techniques that are safe for plasma screens. If you also want to know how to clean a plasma TV screen without streaks, then you should read this guide properly.

Safest And Easiest Ways Of Cleaning A Plasma Screen TV:

1. The Dusting Off Your Plasma TV Screen:

The first method that you may adopt to clean your plasma screen TV is dusting it with a piece of cloth. However, this method will be useful only when there are no sticky or stubborn spots on it.

If there are any stubborn marks on your plasma screen TV, then you may go for an alternative method. Here is how you may clean your plasma screen TV using a piece of cloth.

2. Turn Your Plasma Screen TV Off:

Before you start dusting your TV screen, it is necessary to turn it off. And turning your TV screen off is necessary for many reasons.

Turn Your Plasma Screen TV Off

For example, it would not be safe for you to keep your TV screen on or even plugged in when you are about to use any liquid cleaning agent. Turning off your TV screen before cleaning not only makes the process of cleaning safe but also enhances the effectiveness of cleaning also.

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The effectiveness of the cleaning process is enhanced just because the dust marks are more clearly visible on the dark screen as compared to those on a bright screen. Therefore, before you start cleaning your plasma screen TV, make sure that you have turned it off and unplugged it as well.

3. Dust The Screen Gently With A Piece Of Lint-Free Cloth:

In this step, you have to wipe the screen using a dry piece of cloth. One thing worth mentioning here is that the piece of cloth you are using for the purpose of cleaning the screen must be lint-free.

It is necessary for you to keep this factor in mind just because the pieces of cloth that are not lint-free may result in streaks and scratches on the screen.

Ready-made cleaners

4. Wipe Off The Edges And Corners Of The Screen:

After dusting the main and middle parts of the screen, rub the same piece of cloth around the corners and edges gently. It will result in the efficient removal of dust from these areas.

5. Stain Removal:

You can use the above-mentioned method in case when there are no stains and you just have to remove the loose dust or dirt only. While in the case of stains and stubborn spots, the process of cleaning the plasma screen is totally different.

In case of stains and spots, you have to follow the step-by-step method given below.

Get A Piece Of Microfiber Cloth And Soak It In Water:

In this first step, take a piece of microfiber cloth. Similar to the above-given procedure, here also you need to take a microfiber or lint-free cloth so that there are no chances of scratches.

Dust the screen gently with a piece of lint-free cloth

After that, you have to take some water and heat it to a moderate level. And then spray this moderately warm water on that piece of cloth. It is also necessary to mention here that distilled water is always preferred.

The reason behind this preference is the fact that water may contain some minerals that get accumulated on the screen in the form of spots. While distilled water doesn’t have such probability.

Remove The Stains And Spots:

Now you may easily use the piece of microfiber cloth sprayed with warm distilled water, in order to remove the stains and spots on your plasma screen TV with ease and effectiveness.

The stains on the screen will be easily wiped out with the microfiber cloth and the screen will get cleaned.

Enhance The Efficiency By Adding Cleaning Agents:

In some cases the stains are stubborn and they don’t get wiped out or cleaned by the wet piece of microfiber cloth. In such cases, the only possible way of enhancing the efficiency of cleaning is to add some cleaning agent or detergent to the water.

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The cleaning agent or detergent will assist you in the removal of stubborn spots and stains. After removing all the stains, you need to dry the screen so that it may be ready for use.

6. Maintenance Of The Plasma Screen TVs:

It is an established fact that none of the objects of common use can last longer until or unless it is taken good care of, after regular intervals. Similar is the case here.

Maintenance of the Plasma Screen TVs

7. Dusting On Regular Basis:

If you want your plasma screen TV to keep working well for a longer time period, then try cleaning or dusting it on regular basis.

8. Take Proper Care Of Vents:

Another important thing is to take proper care of vents. So always try to keep them dust-free and keep them ventilated.

9. Be Careful While Using The Screen:

Avoid practices that may damage the screen. For example, keeping it turned on for a longer time period or even when it is not in use may damage it.

Be careful while using the screen

Similarly, always using a high brightness level may also damage a screen. So, keep these aspects in mind as well.


The majority of the people using plasma screen TVs may not know how to clean a smart TV screen or a plasma screen TV. If you are also among them and looking for the methods of cleaning plasma screen TVs then this article will guide you properly on how you can clean plasma screen tv.

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