Do TVs Have Cameras? – [Detailed Risk Factors & Solutions]

Not all TVs have cameras, but the majority of the smart TVs have cameras installed in them. These cameras are generally termed built-in cameras. Some TV users think that their TV camera is spying on them, therefore, they are always looking for ways to disable it.

While others think that it is perfectly ok to have a TV with a built-in camera, and it does not spy on them. We are going to answer all the above-stated questions and hopefully, you will get what you are looking for regarding smart TV cameras. We will also let you know how to tell if your TV has a camera.

Why Do Smart TVs Have Cameras?

Most smart TVs have built-in cameras. But the question arises here why is there a need for cameras in smart TVs? The answer is that smart TV cameras have a lot of functions that would not be possible to accomplish in their absence.

Some of the prominent functions of smart TVs that need cameras for their accomplishment include video calling, face recognition and etc.

How To Find Out Your TV Has A Camera Or Not?

Find Out Your TV Has A Camera Or Not

The easiest way of finding it is to check if your TV has features like video calling or facial recognition. If your TV owns these features, then your TV has a camera and if not so, then there is no camera installed on your TV.

Besides this, there are many other techniques that you can find out the camera on your TV. Some of these methods are mentioned below.

 Visit The TV Brand’s Website:

Visiting the website of your TV’s brand is one of the easiest and most effective methods of determining the presence or absence of a camera on your smart TV. So, navigate to the respective website, and you will find all information regarding your specific TV set model there.

It will be mentioned in the information given there whether this TV model features a camera or not. Thus, you can find out about the availability or unavailability of the camera without any difficulty.

Check Out The TV Frame:

This method is also effective and practical in nature. What you have to do is just search out the frame of your TV. Because in most TVs cameras are installed on the frame. You can check the top and bottom edges of the screen because you can find a camera there.

In case you don’t find it there, you can also check out the side edges as well. You can make your search process easier and more effective by taking help from the torch while finding the camera.

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Guidelines From The Manufacturer:

Guidelines from the manufacturer can also tell you about the camera on your smart TV. The manufacturers have made the user’s access to guidelines easier by providing them in digital form.

So, you can easily check out the guidelines by searching them on the TV itself. Once, it is opened on your TV, navigate to its portion telling about the camera. The information provided here will let you know whether your TV has a camera or not.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Camera Of TV?

Risks Associated With Camera Of TV

If you have a smart TV with a camera and mic, and you keep both of them turned on even when not in use, then your private information and data can be at risk. All this information of yours can be stolen by hackers who get and sell this information out to advertisers.

How To Overcome The Risks?

Turn Camera And Mic Off When Not In Use:

The first thing that you can do is to keep the camera and mic of your smart TV off when not in use. Most smart TV cameras are adjustable and can be either pushed back or covered when there is no need for them.

Another thing you can do is to cover up the camera of the TV with colored tape. Take a small piece of colorful tape and stick it to the camera.

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Reset Passwords:

Resetting or changing the passwords can also save you from hackers. Once you have changed the password, the chances of your device going into the control of others are reduced.

Privacy Settings:

Privacy settings can also be helpful for you to overcome the risks. You can deny the access to camera and microphone through the privacy settings. In this way, the camera and mic of your TV will be off until you turn them on again.

Other methods you can try in this regard:

  • Restoration of factory settings
  • Disconnecting your TV’s internet connection if not needed

smart tv with camera


Most TV users are concerned about the cameras of their smart TVs just because they think that these cameras spy on them.  Yes, most smart TVs have cameras on them. And there is always a chance of you getting spied by these cameras.

However, you need to be worried about it as this article not only provides ways to tell if your TV has a hidden camera but also it lets you know the ways to save yourself from hackers. You can adopt these ways to avoid risks.

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