Why Does My Roku TV Have No Sound? – [Problems & Solutions]

Mainly TCL Roku TV’s no sound problem happens due to two reasons. One of them is the problem with the audio cables used for Roku TV while the other one is any problem with Roku TCL TV audio settings. This article will encircle all aspects of the Roku TV with no sound problem including methods to fix it.

The majority of the users of Roku TV are seen complaining that there is no sound observed while using Roku TV. And the issue of most frequently observed while streaming for games or any other purpose.

If you are also facing the problem mentioned above, there is no need to worry about curing it. The explanation given below will help you understand the problem and methods to overcome it. Here is all you need to know about this problem.

Problems & Solutions Of Roku TV With No Sound:

Problems & Solutions Of Roku TV With No Sound

Roku Player- TV Connection:

As we know no sound problem develops in Roku TV either due to a fault in the audio cables or due to settings disorder. Similarly, the process of resolving the problem also differs from case to case depending upon the nature of the problem.

So this is the first case or situation- when the connection between the Roku player and your TV is direct. It means that there is no other device acting as a bridge between your TV and Roku player. In such a case, you have to adopt the following procedure to resolve no sound problem.

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Step 1:

In the first step, you are supposed to check out the volume-related settings. The problems that are more likely to happen include the unwanted pressing and activation of the mute button, very low or inaudible volumes of audio, etc.

Therefore, it is recommended to check out these issues before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 2:

If you don’t find any problem with the mute button or audio volume level, the next step is to check out the audio cables. As we know in most cases composite cables are used. There may be a probability of fault in the connectors of the aforesaid cables. So, before stepping towards the next step, make sure to check out if there is something wrong with the connectors or cables, and resolve it timely if found any.

Step 3:

It should also be kept in mind that the problem can also be with the input. So, if any of the above-given problems is not found, then replace the Roku player input with a new one and then check if the problem is resolved or not. You may also try replacing the cables.

Problem Occurs When Connect The Sound Bar Via Optical Cable:

Roku Tv

In case the Roku player and soundbar are connected through an optical cable or S/PDIF cable, the procedure for overcoming the problem is also different. In this case, instead of checking out the cables or connections, changing of audio settings to Dolby Digital proves to be a solution to the problem.

So, first of all, enter the “Home” menu of your TV by pressing this button on the remote. Then navigate to the “Settings” option with the help of the navigation keys of the remote.

After entering the settings of your TV, you will see an audio settings option there. Upon selecting this option you will see further an option that allows you to change the audio modes. From here, you need to change the S/PDIF mode to the Dolby Digital mode and the issue will be solved.

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Roku-Player Sound Bar Connection Problem:

In such a case when you have connected the Roku player to the TV through the soundbar, then also the process you need to follow is different. Here is all you need to do in this case. First of all, you have to check out the correctness of input because in most cases wrong input leads to no sound problem.

After that, it is necessary to examine the audio settings carefully. While examining the audio settings don’t forget to check out the mute button of the remote. The fault of the mute button can also cause the same problem of no sound.

At the same time, make sure that the volume of the audio is not too low to be heard. Once you have normalized the audio volume, you will start hearing the sound.

However, if the Roku TV no sound problem persists, then you may go for some other options as given below.

Roku-Player Sound Bar Connection Problem

Other Possible Problems And Their Solutions:

Sometimes the problem with your TV is not any of those described above. Instead, you may observe other problems like your TV sound disappearing only in the case of surround sound.

The problem of surround sound can be easily cured by entering the settings option and then navigating to the audio mode and setting it to the Stereo mode respectively.

In case still, there is any problem left behind, then you have to disconnect all of the cables once and then reconnect them in the way they were previously connected. Then set the audio mode to the Stereo as you did in the previous step. And the sound of your TV will be back.


As told at the beginning of the article the majority of Roku TV users are observed complaining about no sound problems. And some of them may ask why my Roku TV keeps losing sound. The above explanation gives a satisfactory answer to this question.

As discussed in the article, there can be various reasons behind Roku TV’s no sound problem. However, you need not worry about it. You may try TCL Roku TV volume leveling, cable checking, and other methods as elaborated in the above-given discussion while keeping in view the causes and nature of the sound problems.

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