Do Smart TVs Have Ethernet Ports? – [Purposes & Details]

Yes, All the latest smart TVs have ethernet ports. Ethernet is one way you can connect a smart TV to the Internet. An internet connection is one of the most important things nowadays. People are used to using the internet 24 hours a day because without an internet connection, we are like a lonely island in the sea.

Without an internet connection, We are disconnected from the rest of the world. And we do not know what is happening all around the world. Same as it is how we can use our TV without the internet in this era? This article will help you know about Smart TVs and do they have Ethernet ports or not for browsing.

Connect Smart TV To The Internet Through Ethernet Port:

Connect Smart TV To The Internet Through Ethernet Port

Almost every modern Smart TV has a built-in Ethernet port. The Ethernet port is the same port that comes with a laptop that is used to connect it to the internet. In case your Smart TV does not have an Ethernet port (it is rare), you can connect your Smart TV to the internet using the wifi. So, it does not depend on the TV brand, every brand includes an Ethernet port in modern Smart TVs.

Let’s assume you have already bought a Smart TV and you’re not sure if your TV has an Ethernet port.

Check Your TV Has An Ethernet Port Or Not?

If you haven’t already checked the Ethernet port before buying the TV, don’t worry, you can check now. There are some places where you can search for the Ethernet port:

  • Just check the bottom of your TV. It is the most common place where your TV’s Ethernet port can reside.
  • Check both sides of your TV. Modern TVs have all the ports on either side of the TV now.
  • The technical way of checking the Ethernet port is to visit the TV manufacturer’s website and look at the technical specifications of your TV.

The Purpose Of The Ethernet Port On TV:

Ethernet Port with wire

Well, your TV is called Smart only because it has the features of connecting to the internet, Now smart TVs have all the features of a Smart Phone except sim card support. These features make an electronic device Smart. You can even play games on your TV. For doing these things, your TV has an Ethernet port.

Ethernet ports make your internet experience smooth. Sometimes your Wifi connection is not stable and fast, that time Ethernet port will help you. Because of the Ethernet port, your internet connection is stable, fast, and secure.

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What Type Of Cable Can Be Used To Connect To The Internet?

Talking about the cable, a top-quality cable should be used for connecting to the internet as it offers much more speed than an ordinary cable. There are standard quality cables available in the market too which do not supply the expected speed of data transfer.

For a smooth experience, A high amount of data is required to be transferred through the cable. But if the data transfer speed is not enough, the TV will start buffering and the internet experience will be ruined.

What To Do If Your TV Does Not Have An Ethernet Port?

There are certain times when you buy a Smart TV and you find that your TV does not have an Ethernet port. So what to do in that case? Well, do nothing. Every TV has a Wifi module inbuilt.

Your TV can be connected to the internet even if it does not have an Ethernet port. Note that the Ethernet is not the basis of connection to the internet. It is just a way for your TV to connect to the internet.

Ethernet VS Wi-Fi (Which One Is Better?)


Looking at the specs, we can surely say that the wired connection is more reliable and stable. Because the data transfer speed with the wired connection is more powerful than the wireless. Both wired and wireless connections have their pros and cons.

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Pros Of A Wired Connection:

  • The data is transferred faster
  • The wired connection is stable
  • The connection is much safer

Cons Of A Wired Connection:

  • There is less mobility
  • If you want to expand your system it can be costly
  • You can connect only one device at a time

On the other hand, the Pros Of  Wireless Connection:

  • Multiple devices can be connected over the wireless connection
  • You can move to any location within the range of the Wifi
  • Whether you want to connect only one device or multiple devices, it will cost you the same

Cons Of Wireless Connection:

  • Wireless connection is not so safe
  • It is not so safe
  • The speed of data transfer is less than the wired connection

Why Ethernet Connection Is Secure?

An ethernet connection is a connection where two devices are connected to the internet physically. And the Ethernet connection is safe from attacks. Hackers can’t take over your device through the wired connection easily as compared to the wireless connection.

Ethernet Connection


All modern Smart TVs have an Ethernet port for internet connectivity. The brand does not matter, the TV does. You can use all types of Ethernet cables for internet connectivity but using a high-quality Ethernet cable can provide you the stable, safer, smoother, and faster connectivity. Wifi can also be used to connect your TV to the internet but it is not as safe, fast, and secure as the wired Ethernet connection.

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