Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

There are various reasons behind the disconnecting of Samsung TVs from Wi-Fi. The causes behind this issue are DNS server settings problems, bugs, malfunctioning software, router-related issues, and MAC address problems. Any of these factors can cause Samsung TV to keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

Why does my TV keep losing internet connection? Similarly, Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. If you are also a Samsung TV user and are facing the same problem then we explain everything to fix this problem!

Causes Of Samsung TV Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi:

Causes Of TV Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

Need For Software Update Of Samsung TV:

Almost the majority of TV brands go for software updates after some specific intervals to add more features or to update the existing functions.

In case you do not update your smart TV, you may observe problems related to its functioning. And Wi-Fi connection disconnection is one of these problems. So, we can say that not updating your smart TV is one of the causes of Wi-Fi connection issues.

Faulty Router Connected With TV:

Any fault in the router can result in various problems. So, A faulty modem can cause frequent distractions in the Wi-Fi or other similar connections.

Therefore, while finding out the causes behind the Wi-Fi connection problem with the TV, don’t forget to keep the router fault in mind. It will help you in tackling the respective issue.

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DNS Server Settings Issue:

Another thing that may also be a possible reason behind Wi-Fi connectivity is the incompatible DNS server settings. Here DNS stands for “Domain Name System”.

The TV brands provide you with the products with DNS server settings already installed. However, there is the possibility that your TV set doesn’t come with DNS services. In such cases, you have to check out and set the DNS server on your own.

Any Problem With MAC Address:

MAC address is a worth mentioning factor when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The term MAC means “Media Access Control”.  You must keep this factor as well in your mind whenever you are going to find out the problem.

Some Other Possible Reasons:

Sometimes, you find out the major causes of the problems and ignore the minor problems at that time. For instance, if there is any bug in TVs it may also lead to the problem mentioned earlier.


Similarly, incorrect information like emails and passwords may also be a cause of problems. Furthermore, a faulty button on the TV remote may also result in the disturbance of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Ways Of Tackling The Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems:

Here are the ways you can adopt to tackle Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Setting The DNS Server:

  • First of all, enter the settings of your TV, and then go to general settings. From here, you can go to IP settings.
  • In IP settings, you will find an option namely DNS settings. Shift it to manual selection.
  • Now you will see two bars or fields. You need to type in both of these bars. Then you can click the option named as done. Now you’re done with it and the problem will get resolved.

Go For Different Networks:

You can resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity problem by connecting it to different networks. For instance, if you are unable to connect your TV with your Wi-Fi, you can try connecting it with other routers as well as mobile hotspots. It will possibly solve the issue.

Activation Of MAC Address:

If the problem is resulting from MAC addressing related issues, then you can cure it simply. What you need to do is copy your TV’s MAC address and put it into the respective field in service provider settings. The problem will be overcome.

Software Updating:

The Wi-Fi connection problem can also appear when your TV needs a software update as told earlier in the article. Therefore, if other methods are not working, then you can go for the software update option.

Hopefully, the problem will be cured. In case none of the above-mentioned methods seems effective, then you can reset your Samsung TV after entering the Samsung smart TV reset settings.


For a smart TV, it is necessary to have an internet connection free from interruption. Otherwise, you can not enjoy its features. If you are a Samsung smart TV user and it keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, then no need to worry. As we have come up with dependable solutions to this problem in this article.

So, if you observe your Samsung TV not connecting to the internet. You can adopt any of the curing methods described above. Not only this but any of the other Samsung TV models facing the same problem can also be cured through the same methods.

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