How To Fix Samsung TV Volume Control Problems? [Info & Guide]

Looking for solutions to the Samsung TV volume control problems? Yes, you are in right place. You can cure these problems without facing any difficulty. You can try, Cleaning the memory of your TV, resetting the smart hub, checking out the HDMI connection, factory resetting the TV, power resetting, and other related techniques in order to resolve the Samsung TV volume control problems.

If you observe that your Samsung TV remote volume not working, then you don’t need to worry about it as it is a problem commonly faced by Samsung TV users. While using Samsung smart TV, you may face problems like Samsung TV volume being stuck at 0. Or, the volume gets stuck at max level.

However, You do not need not worry about it as getting rid of the volume control problems is not a big deal. You can try these simple methods as given below.

Methods To Fix Samsung TV Volume Control Problems:

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1. Clean Up Your TV’s Memory:

Cleaning up the memory of your device can help fix the volume control problem. It is just because the shortage of memory or storage space can interfere with the working of your TV. And volume control is one of the TV functions that get affected by the shortage of memory.

You can easily clean up space on your TV by deleting or uninstalling unnecessary apps. After observing and analyzing the apps, remove apps that are no longer being used. It will provide enough storage space. Hopefully, the volume control problem will be resolved. Thus, you can also save the storage space that had to be used by those apps for updating otherwise.

Apps can be uninstalled by navigating to the bottom left corner of your TV screen. Here, select the apps option and go to the top right corner and enter the settings option. Here, you will see all the apps that are installed on your TV. From here you can delete the apps that have not been in use from a long time.

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2. Go For Smart Hub Resetting:

The smart hub is a sort of app store for your Samsung smart TV. It can also help you in fixing the volume problems. You should keep in mind that after resetting the smart hub, you have to sign in again to the respective apps.

What you have to do is just reset this app store. Here is how you can reset it:

  • Go to the settings option of your smart TV. You can do it by pressing the settings button on the remote.
  • In case the remote has no settings button, you can first press the menu button and then navigate to the setting option. Here you will see the reset button. Press it and you will be required to enter the pin here. Enter the pin if you have set any, and if not then press ‘0000’.

3. Avoid Using Different TV Remotes:

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Using other remotes than the Samsung TV remote is also found to be linked with the volume control problem. The signals from other remotes are likely to affect on normal working of your Samsung smart TV.

Therefore, if you are facing a volume control problem, then quit using other TV remotes. In this way, you can get rid of this volume problem.

4. Check Out The HDMI Connection:

If there is anything wrong with the HDMI connection of your TV with other devices, it can cause a volume control problem. So, check out the HDMI connection properly and found the problem if found any.

You can check out the HDMI cables first. If there is any fault in the cables, replace them with the new cable. You also need to check out that both ends of the HDMI cable are connected or plugged incorrectly. And if they are found to be loose, tight them properly.

Once, the HDMI connection is corrected, the volume issue will vanish.

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5. Power Reset Your TV:

Power resetting is also an option to resolve minor working issues of TV sets. You can also use it to cure volume issues & other issues. What you have to do is just plug out the power cable of your TV, and wait for a few seconds.

After that, plug again the wire of the TV again and press the power button on your TV. This way TV will restart and most of the issues will be solved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can Samsung TV Volume Stick Between Two Numbers?

Yes, the Samsung TV volume issue is a commonly faced problem. And volume stuck between two numbers is a sort of the said problem.

Can TV Remote Cause Volume Control Issues?

Yes, Using different remotes for your Samsung TV can lead to issues regarding volume control.

Can A Faulty HDMI Connection Lead To Volume-related Issues?

Yes, inappropriate or faulty HDMI connections can cause volume control issues in TV sets. Primarily it is the fault in either the cable or in ports that cause the mentioned problem.


Volume control problems come under the issues of common concern for Samsung TV users. Users may get the issue of the volume that Samsung TV volume going down. And sometimes Samsung TV volume won’t go past 10.

This article will provide you with complete guidance about fixing Samsung TV volume control problems. The methods given above in the article will provide you with possible solutions to the volume problem in a Samsung TV.

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