What Does TV-MA Mean On Netflix? – [Complete Detailed Info]

The term TV-MA is generally used on Netflix and other similar streaming platforms. TV-MA means how much the content you are watching is suitable or particularly made for mature viewers. MA rating is considered a means of measuring the extent of suitability of content with mature users. TV-MA rating and tv-ma mean what it tells about the content being displayed.

TV-MA usually measures the extent to which content contains things that are made only for the viewership of adults or mature persons. A TV-MA rating tells us whether a certain video, picture, or other streaming content should be allowed for viewership by children or not. The basic purpose behind TV-MA rating is to differentiate between children-friendly and adult content.

What Does TV-MA Mean On Netflix?

From Where TV-MA Rating Originated?

TV-MA rating denotes the extent to which a child prohibited things like sexual content and foul language is used in the content. However, before proceeding with further description, it would be better for us to have an overview of the historical background of this term.

Though the rating system of movies and other watching content was introduced in 1968, it was not as practical and effective in the beginning. However, in 1996, an act was introduced namely Telecommunication Act. This act came up with a proper system that provides TV content-based ratings.

The system started improving TV ratings and eventually, it led to the development of TV-MA ratings. The system of TV rating facility was practically implemented in the year 1997. Not only this but it also provides the descriptors which further elaborate the extent of suitability or prohibition of content for children. All this assisted in the formation of parental guidelines regarding TV shows and other watch content.

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Netflix’s Rating System:

Netflix is listed among the top-notch watch content providers. Therefore, we must know the TV-MA rating system of Netflix.

The General TV-MA rating is the same as described above. That TV-MA rating tells how much content contains sexual or other graphic violence as well as obscene language. It helps us determine whether we can allow our children to watch particular content or not.

If a content or TV show contains violent or other children-prohibited content, we need to keep children away from it. TV-MA rating helps us understand and implement parental guidelines regarding the TV-watching experience.

Another additional thing that makes this task easy for you is the presence of features like badges explaining the nature and type of a TV show, serial, movie, or other similar content effectively. The most common example of these badges is an adult-only badge.

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Categories Of Rating:

Categories Of Rating

As far as the TV-watching experience of your children is concerned, the categories of TV ratings are given below.


If you are in search of content safe from sexual content, foul language, and similar stuff, then the TV-G category is for you. The content being displayed or designated under the TV-G category is okay for children of any age. And you can choose the content falling under this category for them without any hesitation.


If you need content particularly made or created for little kids, then the TV-Y category is for you. The content displayed under this category is perfectly ok for the little kids. It is free from any violent content and contains stuff made only for kids.


The content falling under this category must not be allowed for viewership to children having age under 7. Because the content under this category may contain violent things based on fantasy including the fight scenes.


The content in this category falls between the mature and children-watching content. This means that there is some sexual content or foul language but a limited extent.


The content falling under the TV-14 category can be only allowed to those having their ages above 14. The reason behind this is the presence of drug usage, foul language, and other similar stuff in the content.

Assisting Descriptors:

Descriptors help and assist you in having a clearer idea about the nature of the content. The descriptors that help you in doing so are as follows.


The descriptor S indicates that the show includes sexual content. Therefore, it is categorized under either TV-14 or TV-MA.


Virtual violence is observed in the content falling under the VF category as told earlier as well.


The descriptor D generally denotes the content as told in TV-14 which means that you can allow this sort of content to those with 14 or above ages.


L descriptor shows that the content being displayed contains foul language. And this content is also classified in the TV-14 category.

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If you are a regular TV or Netflix user, you may have heard the term TV-MA or TV-MA rating. But you may not necessarily be aware of its meaning and purpose. Knowing about this maturity rating scale can help you greatly in making your TV-watching experience great.

It is just because ratings like TV-MA ratings let you know whether it is appropriate for you to watch certain content with your children and family or not.

We explain the term TV-MA along with its usage and purpose behind it. With the help of a TV-MA rating on Netflix, you can easily assess the nature of the content and use Netflix parental controls to keep mature content away from your children.

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