What Is SAP On TV? – [Complete Process Of Enable And Disable]

The term SAP stands for Secondary Audio Programming. The basic function that it does is to enable you to watch and listen to the content on your TV in a language of your own choice. It resolves the issues a person may face while watching any content that has been created in a language that he is unable to understand.

Another considerable situation in which a person may need SAP audio is while dealing with descriptive video services. No matter for what purpose you need SAP, you should be aware of what is SAP, how it can be enabled or disabled.

Although SAP is a term of common use, there is the probability that some people might not know exactly what it is and whether can they benefit from it. For instance, one may be in search of Samsung SAP-related information.

Complete Details Regarding SAP On TV:


How Does SAP Work?

As mentioned in the beginning, SAP is a feature of TV sets that is helpful for those who like to watch different movies, drama serials, and other content having its origin in various parts of the world, in their native or mother language. This feature is of great importance as it allows the users to convert or shift the language of watching content to any language they are comfortable with.

For instance, if a person who belongs to the USA wants to watch Spanish, Russian, French, or any other country’s content, he may find it difficult to understand due to language differences. However, SAP allows him to substitute the language of that content with English. In this way, it adds comfort to his watching experience.

One may think that the switching of language might be a complex or difficult task, but it is not that difficult. Going into the settings of your TV set, you can easily switch from one language to another using the SAP feature. If you want to use the SAP feature you can enable it from settings, if not then you can disable it the same way.

Procedure To Enable SAP On TV:

If you want to enable SAP and benefit from it, then you need to follow the simple and easy mechanism mentioned below.

Enable SAP On TV

Direct Method:

If your TV brand has provided you with the facility of SAP or MTS or any other audio setting-related button on the remote, then you can follow this method.

  • So, first of all, what you need to do is enter the audio settings of your TV using the SAP or MTV button on the remote.
  • Once, you have entered the audio settings, you will see the audio select option. From here you can switch it to the SAP option and you can set it to your desired language.

However, in case your TV brand does not give you this option of audio settings option on the TV remote, then you can go for the manual procedure. You have to navigate to the settings of your TV. Upon entering the settings, you will see many different options. You need to find out the audio settings options.

Once you have found the audio settings, you can switch it to SAP and set the language of your choice as told above.

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Using Set-Top Box:

In case you have a set-top box connection with your TV, then you need to follow the below-mentioned process to turn the SAP feature on.

  • In the first step, you have to go to the settings of your TV using your TV remote. So, press the menu button on the remote.
  • Out of the options appearing on the screen, you are supposed to select the settings option.
  • Tapping on the settings bar with the help of the remote button will display several settings options on the screen.
  • In this step, find out and click the audio settings. Once, you tap on the audio settings, you will find options like SAP, MTS etc. You can set the audio settings to SAP.
  • And SAP allows you to manually select the language out of three to four languages mentioned there. You can choose the one you feel comfortable with.

How We Can Disable The SAP Feature?

Disable The SAP

In case you don’t need the SAP feature anymore, you can easily disable it from the settings of your TV. Here is how you can disable the SAP feature on your TV.

  • Method 1: Find out and press the SAP or MTS button on your TV remote if your TV brand has provided you with this button. After entering this option, you can select the language that was set before enabling this option.
  • Method 2: If your TV remote doesn’t have this button by default, then you can go for this method. You have to find out the audio settings after entering the general settings of your TV through remote buttons. Then you can disable the SAP feature easily using the same method you adopted while enabling it.


Although the majority of the TV users know well about the SAP features there is the possibility that the new TV users are not aware of its functioning. If you are also curious about finding out what is the SAP function, the information given in this article will let you know about it.

Apart from functioning, when it comes to the enabling or disabling of SAP features, this article provides you with proper guidance about how to turn on the SAP feature. It also lets you know How to turn off SAP on VIZIO TV or any other TV brand.

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