UHD Vs HDR – Which One Is Better Option? [Complete Comparison]

When we talk about the resolution of the TV, there are two best possible options named UHD and HDR. It is one of the frequently asked questions Which HDR or UHD for gaming, which one is better?

We can understand it by knowing about the UHD and HDR meanings and comparing them. All of us are well aware of the fact the advancement of technology has brought remarkable changes in our lifestyle. It has made our lives easier through innovations in almost every aspect of our lives.

For example, when we talk about the TV, in the beginning, they were as simple as just back and white but later on innovations in their structure and working resulted in their modernization. When it comes to the functioning of a TV set.

Nowadays it is just not limited to watching movies or drama serials, rather it has become something more than that. The innovation in this field of technology has made playing video games as well as video calling possible on TV. And this possibility has resulted from the availability of an internet connection or linking to the TV sets.

Which Is Better UHD Or HDR?


What Is Meant By HDR?

HDR also known as the High dynamic range is a feature of TV that helps mainly in enhancing the picture quality by increasing the contrast between the colors. The contrast between the colors of the picture has a greater impact or influence on its quality.

Most people just think that high pixels are everything that we need to improve the picture quality. This perception is correct but only to a limited extent. Because there is another thing as well that plays a role in determining the picture quality and that is the contrast between the colors.


We can understand it in a way that if we compare the quality of pictures of two TV sets, one having high pixels while the other one with low pixels but high color contrast.

The result of the comparison will amaze you. The TV set with the high contrast of colors will show a far better quality picture than that having low contrast but high pixels.

Hence proved that both the pixels and contrast of colors take part in the determination of the picture quality. As mentioned earlier, it is a high-dynamic range or HDR that controls and increases the color contrast. So, the role of HDR can not be neglected while we are discussing picture quality.

What Is Meant By UHD?

The term UHD means the Ultra high definition. UHD is the most advanced and recent type of the best quality resolution of pictures. It has evolved from the most recent or previous form of resolution known as full HD.

If we look into the details of what is full HD, the term means the resolution of 1080 pixels. While the resolution of the picture displayed under full HD version means the display of 1920×1080 pixels. Before the evolution of UHD or Ultra HD, this type of resolution was considered to be of the best possible quality.

UHD tv

However, with the introduction of UHD, it became clear that there is still space for improvement or betterment of quality that can be made by adding more pixels. As far as the UHD is concerned, it provides users with an amazingly high pixel quality of 3480×2160 p resolution.

This resolution enhances the clarity as well as the quality of the picture to an unbelievable extent. However, when it comes to the implementation of UHD, this technology being new has some limitations. One of these limitations is that not all devices, that people use for watching movies or drama serials, support this high resolution.

Similarly, not all of the content you watch on TV channels or other sources can be possibly viewed at UHD resolution. It will take time to adopt and implement this modern resolution in common use.

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Comparison Between HDR And UHD (UHD Vs HDR):

If we talk about the differences between these two resolution qualities, the main difference between them is off-working. As discussed above, the basic thing that UHD is related to is the number of pixels.

In this mode of resolution, the picture quality is boosted by enhancing the number of pixels. The number of pixels in UHD is far greater than other modes of resolution and that’s why the picture quality in this mode is considerably high.

On the other hand, if we talk about HDR, it has nothing to do with the number of pixels. Instead, it just deals with the sharpness or contrast between the colors. It is a matter of common observation that the greater the contrast between colors, the better be quality of the picture. The same is applicable in this mode of resolution.


If we talk about the similarities between these both, the main thing that is similar between them is the number of pixels. The number of pixels remains the Same (4k) in both cases and these pixels may adjust following the size of the screen. The higher the screen size, the greater will be the spacing between pixels and vice versa.

HDR Or UHD Which One To Prefer?

Keeping in mind the detailed description of both these types of resolutions, we can conclude that HDR is a better option when compared with UHD. The reason behind the preference for HDR over UHD is that HDR gives you amazingly high-quality pictures even when keeping the number of pixels the same.

As mentioned earlier it works by enhancing the contrast between the colors. In addition to it, you can even enjoy watching HDR resolution with 4k pixels if you go for the 4k HDR resolution. Therefore, whenever you are going to buy a new TV set for yourself, you need to prefer buying the 4k HDR instead of UHD.


When it comes to the selection of a TV set, there are many options available nowadays. Modern TV sets have advanced features which you can check before buying whether they meet your requirements and needs or not. The resolution of the TV is one of these factors.

Whether you have to decide between the HDR or UHD for gaming or any other purpose, the information is given in this article will help you come out with the best of these two and that is HDR resolution.

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