What To Do With Broken TV? – [Selling, Donating, Recycling]

If your TV screen has broken no matter what is the reason behind it, you must know what to do next. There are various options that you may go for in this regard, but the most practical and dependable things to do with broken LED TVs include repairing, selling, recycling, and donating your TV.

Being a user of the TV screen, you may face certain problems regarding its working. You may even sometimes get your TV broken resulting in its being non-functional.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on the options you may find suitable to go for in case your TV or its screen gets broken. Here is how you can choose a cracked TV screen repair, sell it out, or even recycle it.

Things To Do With Broken TV:

Broken TV screen

1. Repairing Of Broken TV:

The first and the most commonly practiced way of tackling broken TVs is to repair them. Repairing is always preferred over other methods due to the fact that it proves to be a budget-friendly choice for you. The reason behind this is that it cuts the costs incurred on you for this purpose, up to a remarkable extent.

When it comes to the repairing your TV, generally there are two ways that you may adopt. The first one is to go for a warranty claim. This option is available for you only when your TV has warranty time left and has not exceeded that time.

In case, the warranty time is left, you may contact the manufacturers or the brand your TV belongs to and tell them the problem. The majority of the companies provide you with in-home services. They will replace the screen or any other broken part of your TV upon your request.

However, if your TV usage has crossed or exceeded the warranty time, then you are supposed to take your broken TV to a private mechanic or service provider. In most cases, all kinds of broken TV problems are easily sorted out without any problems. In other words, it is not a big deal to cure the broken TVs.

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What If Repairing Services Are Difficult To Find?

Although repairing services can be found easily, however, if you consider it a difficult task to find a repairing service provider, you may easily find one near your location through the internet.

2. Sell Out Your Broken TV:

As we mentioned earlier repairing is the first and the most suitable option in this regard. However, if due to certain reasons, you don’t find it suitable for you to go for repairing your TV, then it would be appropriate for you to sell out your TV. In this way, you can avoid the process of getting your TV repaired.

Sell Out Your Broken TV

As far as the selling of your TV is concerned, there are different platforms you may choose to accomplish this task. It is necessary to mention here that nowadays availability of different online selling and purchasing platforms has made it easy for one to buy and sell things of common use within no time.

What you have to do is just make a listing of the product you want to sell, on a dependable platform. Those interested in buying your product or TV will contact you through that platform. And upon settling on a mutually agreed price, you can sell your TV.

How To Boost Response From Buyers?

In some of the cases, people are seen complaining about the low buyers’ response on these online platforms. If you are also facing the same problem, try adding pictures of your TV on these platforms.

The addition of the pictures will certainly boost the response from buyers and there will be chances of your TVs getting sold out. In addition to it, try to add the real features and conditions of your TV on these platforms. It will also enhance the selling chances of your TV considerably.

If the condition of the TV is good and it is likely to be used normally, then you may also consider donating it to those who deserve it.

3. Recycling Of Broken TV:

If you don’t feel comfortable adopting any of the two above-mentioned methods of dealing with a broken TV, the most probable option left for you is recycling your TV.

Recycling Of Broken TV

The process of recycling is very easy and simple. What you have to do is just go to any of the recycling centers, your TV will be broken and recycled there easily.

Recycling is thought to be one of the best options when it comes to broken TV solutions. And it is thought to be so just because there can be no other method as environmentally friendly as recycling. It helps us reduce pollution considerably.

It is also necessary to mention here that some cities and towns all around the world don’t allow the throwing of broken TVs into the trash and garbage. And it is due to the fear of spreading pollution due to the presence of mercury in most TVs.

You will be glad to know that some of the famous and large-scale recycling companies offer free recycling of products as well.


If you are a TV user, you must know TV problems and solutions one may face while using a TV. Breakage of a TV screen or any other contagious parts of a TV is one of the problems most frequently faced by users.

The solutions to the broken TV problems as mentioned in this article, including TV screen replacement and other similar repairing techniques can help you remarkably in overcoming the respective problem.

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