Do TVs Have Blue Light? – [Harmful Effects & Solution]

Yes, there is blue light being emitted from your TV screen while you are watching TV. The majority of the TV models emit blue light color as it is a part of the display colors. And you should also know that this blue light from a TV screen is likely to have a bad impact on your eyes and thus it can be considered harmful to your health.

Why is blue light bad for the eyes? All light colors have a particular wavelength. And blue color is of the shortest wavelength. Due to its short wavelength and high energy, it impacts and irritates the eyes more than any other color. Therefore, it is necessary to get yourself protected from blue light.

Harmful Effects Of Blue Light On Your Health:

Blue Light on tv

1. Soreness And Tiredness Of Eyes:

Watching a TV screen for a long time makes you an eyesore as well as tired. Lack of eye blinking during watching hours is also one of the reasons behind soreness. Blue light, carrying more energy than other colors puts more pressure on the eyes and results in eye strain and other problems.

2. Lack Of Sleep:

Lack of sleep has become one of the major health problems in this modern digital era. Many people are losing health due to long-time screen watching.

And the reason behind it is the presence of blue light on the display. As studies show that sunlight is composed of all seven colors and one of them is blue. The blue color prohibits the release of sleep hormone namely melatonin. Therefore you cant sleep properly.

How To Overcome From Harmful Effects Of Blue Light?

After having awareness of the harmful effects of blue light, it would be better for you to know the methods of protecting yourself from it. Here are the methods you can use to overcome the blue light effects without cutting your TV watch time.

effects of blue light on tv

1. Protective Glasses:

Using protective glasses is one of the most effective ways of overcoming the problems of blue light. The glasses are available in the market that effectively reduces the amount of blue color reaching your eyes.

So, you can get these glasses and wear them while watching TV. You can also use them in the daytime and while using cell phones too. And these glasses can be more helpful for you if you have a job that requires you to spend a long time on the computer screen daily.

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2. Screen Protector:

A large variety of screen protectors is available nowadays in the market. You can get a better one for your computer and TV. Putting the screen protector on your TV will filter the light and block the blue light. In this way, you can save your eyes and general health by saving yourself from blue light.

3. Settings Adjustment:

TV brands and manufacturers, with time, are becoming conscious of the harmful effects of blue light. Therefore, most of them have introduced an option in the display settings that reduces the blue color light. You can easily enable this option from the display settings of your TV.

However, before going for this method make sure that your TV model comes with this feature.

4. Reduced Brightness:

Reducing the brightness of your TV screen can also help you in overcoming blue light problems. As reduced brightness means the reduced quantity of blue light or colors on the screen.

Especially whenever you are watching TV at night, this factor becomes more important in the dark. There is no need to keep the brightness high. You will see the benefits of reduced brightness in the form of better eye health.

reduce brightness of tv

5. Filter Box:

Advanced technology has enabled you to control the color intensity by a filter box. You can take a blue light filter box and connect it to your respective device.

This box will work by filtering the signals from your TV and will allow less blue light, this will make the display more comfortable for your eyes.

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All the TV sets emit blue light. And it is harmful to your eyes and general health. Therefore, you need to protect your eyes from it as far as it is possible.

We have discussed some of the easiest ways that you can adopt to protect yourself from blue light. In other words, by following these techniques, you can turn your TV into a TV without blue light and can avoid health problems.

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