Can Watching TV Damage The Eyesight? – [Complete Details]

There is a battle between experts about whether watching TV damages the eyes or not. Some experts say that watching TV for a long period can damage your eyes while other experts say that watching TV for a long period can not damage your eyes or eyesight, it can just cause eye strain or eye fatigue.

Does Watching TV Damage Our Brain?

Talking about our brain, the human brain is designed especially in a way that it learns from its surroundings. Watching tv continuously can cause us to see unhealthy results over a period of time. Otherwise watching TV can cause:

  • Eye Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Sleeplessness
  • Double vision etc

Does Sitting Too Close To The TV Damage The Eyes?

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No, sitting really close to the TV does not damage the eyes but it may cause eye strain. Eye strain is a term where a person can not focus on nearby objects.

Children in comparison to adults do not have this disease that’s why children sit really close to the TV and they also hold other objects really close to their eyes. This habit can cause eye strain but it vanishes as time passes and the children grow.

Eye Fatigue:

When you watch TV for a long period of time, you blink less, move your eyes less and you do not change your focal point for a long period of time. It dry, uncomfortable eyes or you may feel discomfort in your eyes and even around your eyes. You start to feel that your eyes are getting weaker. The best medicine for eye fatigue situation is to have good sleep at night.

Dryness Of Eyes:

When you do not blink for a long period of time, your eyes get dry and you may start to feel that your eyes are itchy. There is a special type of liquid that is released by the human brain that keeps our eyes wet and comfortable to see around.

When this liquid is not enough in our eyes, they become dry and a little pain can be felt in the eyes. And when you blink your eyes after that period of time, they become red and you feel really relaxed.

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How To Prevent Eye Disturbance While Watching TV?

Prevent Eye Disturbance While Watching TV

If you’re watching TV in the daylight it’s fine. But the thing is “What should be done while watching TV at night?”.

  • When you have to watch TV at night, you should dim the lights in your room
  • Dim the brightness of the TV. Almost all modern TVs have the option to dim the brightness on it, you can adjust that.
  • While watching the TV, you should not focus on the TV for very long, keep moving your eyes around during the commercials.
  • Try blinking your eyes from time to time to not make your eyes uncomfortable.
  • Use blue light-filtering glasses while watching the TV.

Keep Your Vision Checked:

If you sit close to the TV, you may be nearsighted. To prevent this, you should regularly check in with your doctor for the prevention of eye damage. If you need glasses while driving, you should use them while watching TV too.

Watching TV for long periods may cause headaches, eye strain, pressure in your head, etc.  The TV itself isn’t permanently damaging to your eyes but it may cause some serious issues related to your eyes. Remember to keep blinking your eyes while watching TV. Keep moving your eyes around during commercials.

What To Do If Eyesight Is Already Damaged:

If your eyes are already damaged or your eyesight is weak, you should be careful while watching TV. When there’s eye surgery takes place, Doctors recommend wearing sunglasses and being extra careful with your eyes.

They do not recommend watching TV or using some other devices because these devices hurt your eyes. They even prohibit hanging out with your friends while you’re in the recovery period.

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Or if you have some issues related to your eyes, like eye strain, red eyes, dryness, etc. you should also be very careful about your eyes. You should use medicine like eye drops, taking pills, etc. These are some precautions you can take for the improvement of your eyes.


There’s some speculation about whether Watching TV damages your eyes or not. it is surely said that watching too much TV can hurt your eyes in the form of weak eyesight, eye strain, or some serious issues like these.

Furthermore, if your eyes are already damaged, you should not watch TV or use devices like Mobile Phones too much. If you want to watch TV at night, turn your room’s lights off and turn the brightness of your TV to low. In this way, you can prevent eye damage.

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