What Does A Smart TV Do? – [Everything You Need To Know]

A smart TV eliminates the need for devices like top boxes and other streaming devices that are required to give your TV an internet connection. A smart TV can be connected directly to an internet connection like WiFi and does not need any devices.

The reason why smart TVs do not need the respective devices for their connection with internet sources is the Smart TV features. If you are unaware of what a smart TV does, there is nothing to worry about it. The details given below including Smart TV’s advantages and disadvantages will let you have complete knowledge of what smart TV is and how it works.

Working Of A Smart TV:

Smart TV

1. Basics:

When it comes to the working of a smart TV, you can understand it in a way that the smart TV almost works like a computer except for some special features. The main thing that distinguishes a smart TV from other types of TVs is that it has built-in features of devices that are separately needed in common TV sets to connect the internet to them, as mentioned in the beginning.

This special feature of smart TVs gives them an upper hand over other common TV sets. Because of it, you can access all of the things that you generally enjoy on other devices like your mobile phones, tablets, etc.

For instance, you can install as well as uninstall the apps of your own choice on your smart TV. These apps may include streaming apps as well as others you are interested in. The most commonly used apps on smart TVs include Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify.

2. Connection With Other Devices:

This feature of smart TVs may look new to some people. However, you will be glad to know that your smart TV allows you to get it connected with other devices lien mobile phones and tablets. The benefit of connecting your smart TV with these devices is that you can use connected devices in place of the remote.

In simple words, you can do with the help of your phone and other similar devices what is usually done by remote. You can simply control your smart TV with these devices. To do so, what you need to do is just install the respective app and start using it.

However, you need to be careful while downloading the app because not all the apps are compatible with your TV set. Once, you have successfully downloaded the recommended app and connected it with your smart TV, you can do everything from changing the TV channel and adjusting the volume to switching the TV set from channels to streaming apps.

3. Getting Apps On A Smart TV:

Apps On A Smart TV

Unlike other traditional TV sets, smart TVs have made it very easy for you to get an app of your choice and enjoy using it. If you have a smart TV, you can easily browse the apps through the default app store of your TV set. The nature and type of app store and browser vary from TV to TV.

Therefore, you need to be vigilant while buying a smart TV and make sure that the app browser of that TV allows you to get the apps you need. Upon browsing your required app, you can simply tap to download it. The downloading of apps itself is an amazing feature of smart TVs because other TVs generally don’t allow you this option.

YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and BBC iPlayer are among the most frequently used apps on smart TVs.

4. Gaming On Smart TV:

The features like automatic changing of the display options in gaming mode make the gameplay smooth, fast, and free from obstruction. With the help of artificial intelligence, a smart TV adjusts the display as per the requirements of the game you are playing on it. Gaming-related features make the working of smart TVs more fascinating due to their compatibility with gaming.

The majority of the youth and especially the teenagers are fond of playing video games nowadays. Smart TVs provide them with a bigger screen with more advanced gaming features. This factor makes smart TVs more appealing to the youth.

5. Voice Control:

If you want to control your TV more smartly and comfortably, then the voice control option of smart TVs is there for you. Smart TVs come with software having advanced features that allow you to control them with your voice.

The mic can be set in the remote, TV, or any place as per your need. You can give a command in the form of your voice through the mic and the TV will respond accordingly.

Do all Smart TVs Work In The Same Manner?

Not all smart TVs have the same working. It can be easily observed from the fact that the features of smart TVs are different from one TV to another. For instance, some of the smart TVs have gaming mode options & special display control. Those interested in gaming will prefer these TVs over others.

Do all Smart TVs Work In The Same Manner

While some other smart TV units are designed especially for high-quality display. These are helpful for those having a keen interest in watching movies and drama serials. Therefore, it is always necessary for you to have some know-how about the features of the smart TV you are going to buy.


Those who are using smart TVs for the very first time and don’t have any info about how a smart TV works may have a lot of questions in their minds regarding the working smart TV. For instance, one may ask what is the difference between a smart TV and a regular TV.

The information stated in this article will answer this type of question effectively. If you are also curious about finding out what a smart do that a regular TV doesn’t, then giving a read to this article will clear ambiguities in your mind regarding this matter.

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