What Can I Use to Clean TV Screen? [Home Remedies & Detergents]

There are so many products you can use to clean your TV screen. But you should know which products we can use and how we can use them. If we take into consideration the cleaning process of TV, various factors affect this mechanism. These factors generally include the method you adopt for cleaning, the care your TV screen needs during the process of cleaning, etc.

What Can I Use to Clean My TV Screen?

The selection of the LED TV screen cleaner is also one of these factors. The selection of a TV screen cleaner can make the cleaning process more efficient on one hand, it can also reduce its efficiency on the other hand if not chosen with proper care and attention.

Therefore, you have to choose the cleaning product carefully so that you may avoid getting streaks on your TV screen or producing similar harmful effects. There is no need for you to be concerned about it, we are going to discuss ways to select a screen cleaner and how to use it efficiently.

1. Clean TV With Home Remedies:

Alcohol-Water Solution:

The first and the most commonly practiced way of cleaning a TV screen is the use of a solution of water and alcohol. In this method, you can clean your tv with a mixture of alcohol & water. Here is the step-by-step procedure of cleaning your TV screen through this method.

Get Your TV Screen Ready For Cleaning:

In the very first step, you are supposed to get the screen of your TV ready, so that you may start the cleaning process. So, first of all, disconnect the electrical connection of your TV set. It can be done by simply unplugging your TV.

Once you have turned your TV off, let it get cool for a few minutes. Both these processes are necessary to be done as a safety measure. Failure to perform any of these two may prove harmful for you during the cleaning process.

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Remove Loose Dirt And Fingerprints:

Before you directly go for a screen cleaner solution, it is necessary for you to remove the fingerprints and smudges using a piece of cloth. However, be careful in the selection of cloth because some of them are made up of material that is not good for the screen and may cause scratches.

So, don’t forget to get a piece of lint-free cloth and rub it softly and gently all over the screen. This piece of cloth will remove almost all of the loose dirt, smudges as well as fingerprints.

Remove loose dirt and fingerprints

Prepare The Screen Cleaning Solution With Alcohol & Water:

After removing the loose dirt and fingerprints, now it is time to get a cleaning solution that is safe as well as effective at the same time. And that can be easily prepared by mixing a certain volume of alcohol in water. So, mix an appropriate proportion of alcohol and water in a vessel. It may be a spray bottle or any other utensil.

Now spray a fine mist of this solution onto a lint-free piece of cloth. And start cleaning the screen of your TV. In this way, you can easily clean stubborn smudges and spots. However, never ever try putting or spraying this solution directly onto the screen, as it may damage your TV screen badly.

Dry Your TV Screen:

After successfully removing all the spots, smudges, and fingerprints, take a dry piece of lint-free cloth and make your screen dry.

2. Dishwashing Detergent Solution For Cleaning TVs:

In case you don’t like to use alcohol-water solutions, there are other options available as well. For instance, you may use dishwashing soap or detergent. Here is how this method works.

Dishwashing detergent solution for cleaning TVs

Get Detergent Solution Prepared:

To go for this method, you have to take a spray bottle and pour some amount of water into it. Then you have to add some drops of dishwashing detergent or soap to it. After that put the bottle lid on and shake gently so that the detergent gets evenly distributed and mixed up in the water.

One thing that must be kept in mind while making the solution is that the water you are using for this purpose should be distilled. It is necessary to use distilled water to avoid the chances of spots on the screen that may result from the accumulation of salts and minerals.

Spray The Solution On A Piece Of Cloth:

Now, spray the prepared solution on a piece of cloth as we did in the previous method. Rub this sprayed piece of cloth over the screen softly. It will work effectively and remove all the unwanted stains and spots from your TV screen. We can say that using a dishwashing detergent solution is also an efficient way of cleaning your TV screen. Therefore, you may go for this option as well.

Ready-Made Cleaners For TVs:

If you don’t feel comfortable for you to try the above-mentioned techniques, you may also go for ready-made screen cleaners available in the market. These cleaners contain chemicals that may clean your TV screen within no time.

Ready-made cleaners

However, you need to be careful while going for this option as some of these cleaners have chemicals that are not good for your TV screen and they may distort the working of your TV by affecting the screen. So, choose a screen cleaner wisely.


If you are concerned about cleaning your TV screen and don’t know what to use to clean the TV screen, stop thinking about it. We have come up with an effective solution to this problem of yours. The cleaning solutions mentioned in this article are among the best and the safest options one may have in this regard.

The TV screen cleaner as mentioned in this article can help you clean your TV screen without facing any problems like smudges or streaks on the screen.

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