Can TV Screens Be Fixed? – [Methods Of Fixing & Solutions]

Yes, The TV screen can be fixed. As far as the question is concerned, Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen, the way a screen gets broken, matters a lot.  If the damage is just on the surface of the screen and has not pierced into pieces your LCD, LED, or plasma screen, then don’t need to worry about it, as it can be repaired easily.

However, if the damage has penetrated deep into the LCD or LED, then it would be better for you not to go for fixing it. Rather you can try replacement or other solutions. Here is the information you must know before you try any of the screen fixings.

Determine Broken Or Damage TV Screen Is Fixable Or Not:

Broken TV Screen

Can You Fix The Screen On Your Own?

Before you try any of the methods for curing broken screen or distorted view problems, you need to be sure about the nature of the problem and whether it is treatable at home or not. For this purpose, you have to analyze the damage to the screen.

And you can do so by deeply examining the depth of screen damage. If it is only the screen surface that has got a minor break or scratch, and its effect has not reached the internal parts of the screen, then you can cure it on your own and without hiring any professional expert.

When To Hire A Professional Or Expert?

But, if the damage is deep and has affected internal parts as well, then you need to get assistance from a professional. And he can make possible the fixing of such screen.

He will effectively repair the screen. In case it is not suitable to repair the screen, he will provide you with proper guidance and will help you choose between repair and replacement.

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When Not To Go For Screen Fixing?

In some cases, when the cracks have gone deep into the internal screen parts and there is the probability that the screen repair or replacement will cost far more than the price of the TV, in such cases it is better not to go for fixing the screen.

In such cases, you can try selling out the pricey parts of the TV and consider buying a new TV screen.

Methods Of Fixing The Broken Or Damage TV Screen:

Keeping in view what has been explained above and considering the question; can the TV screen be fixed, if you are of the view that it is appropriate for you to go for fixing, then you can try the following methods in this regard.

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Curing The Minor Cracks:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the crack is really minor. And you can do so by gently rubbing a smooth or lint-free piece of cloth over the screen. While rubbing it, if no broken edge is observed, then the crack is minor and can be cured in the following way.
  • Take a neat and clean lead pencil eraser and start rubbing it gently on the parts of the screen that have cracks. It will first remove all the small pieces stuck in there.
  • Upon continuing the same, the crack will start fading. After a few minutes, you will get results in the form of removal of crack up to a considerable extent.
  • In case the above-stated method seems to be ineffective, you can get and try the repair kit. The effectiveness of the repairing kit will be far more than that of the eraser method. And the kits for screen breakage or cracks are available on the market at a price, of not more than twenty dollars.

Treating The Pixels-Related Problems:

While dealing with the question; can TV screens be fixed, you may sometimes find out that it is dead pixels or stuck pixels that are the cause of the problem. In addition to it, extra brightness or dimming of the pixels can also be responsible for the said problem. If it is so, the following method can help you cure it.

  • Take a pencil or other such object and cover it up with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Start rubbing the area of the screen with pixels-related problems softly. The process of recovery will start as soon as you start rubbing the screen.
  • However, never press the screen hard as it may get damaged.
  • If this method is not working, you can also try the software available for this purpose.

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Keeping in mind the above-given information, one can easily find answers to the questions like, can TV screens be fixed? And the answer is yes they can be fixed but it doesn’t need to work in every case. In some cases, replacement is better than repair.

If you are concerned about Samsung TV cracked screen repair or the same for any other TV brand, the methods given above will work the best. You can choose between the two of the above-given methods keeping in view the TV screen damage types and can get the screen repaired or fixed easily.

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