How Does Addressable TV Work? – [Complete Detailed Information]

Addressable TV does not work like traditional TV advertising, it works very differently. Traditional TV ads work in the way that these ads are broadcast on programs while broadcasting, these ads are being shown from time to time. But the Addressable TV target those people who are interested in your product.

In Addressable TV, You choose your audience based on the Geographic locations, Demographics, or who have the habit to watch on TVs, Smart Phones, or Tablets. You can choose your audience at what time, and “What time”, means. Your product will be shown to your audience at the time when they will be going to enjoy their favorite shows.

Complete Information About Working Of A Addressable TV:

Addressable TV Figures Out:

  • Where your audience is based
  • What is their Gender
  • What is their age
  • What do they watch
  • When do they watch
  • What apps do they spend most of the time on
  • What do they want to see
  • What topics they are not interested in and most other things like these.

How Does Addressable TV Perform These Tasks?

The main element behind this process is Data. Consumers watch their favorite shows on their devices like TVs, Smart Phones Tablets, etc. Their data like Watched programs, what devices they own, what websites they visit, and some other data too is collected and used to build their profiles.

These profiles are then sold to big companies, TV operators, and advertisers so they can use these profiles according to their needs and show ads to this audience. This is the audience these marketers are really interested in because these are the specific people who are really interested in the products marketers sell.

Addressable TV

What If The Audience Is From Other Countries?

What if the audience seeing the products is from another country? These marketers and big companies first start their business in their own country and their audience is also from their country. Addressable TV works for this very reason, to show ads to only the selected people.

In the beginning, these businesses are on a small scale, but when the businesses grow up, the owners expand their businesses to other countries too. The selected audience is then expanded and other countries are also in the selection. In this way, their products are sold in their country as well as in other countries.

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How Does Addressable TV Know The Geographic Location?

The devices which you use today are the source of disclosing our geographic locations. These devices have a physical address and an IP address. The servers determine both of the addresses of these devices, these addresses along with locations are then shared with the marketers. Then marketers use our locations for targeting the products or services.

Addressable TV knows our locations and devices too. It knows which devices are used by the audience. Then these ads are shown according to the type of device. For example, if a user is using an iPhone, the ad will be shown to them according to the browser they use, in this case, “Safari”.

How Does Addressable TV Know The Geographic Location

Can The Ads Serve Be Removed?

In the beginning, there was no way that those ads were removed. But now, everyone is doing their own business, so the marketers or Cable TV operators offer a deal in which they ask you to pay some amount to enjoy your favorite shows without any disturbance.

The biggest example of this type of business is YouTube. On YouTube, it asks you to buy a premium account for some amount to remove ads you always see at the start of the video or in the middle of the video.

If you are thinking about the specific people who were about to see the ads and some of them will be filtered out if they buy the premium membership, don’t worry, the targeted audience is very big in numbers, so it is not a big deal if a small fraction of the audience has been filtered out from that big number.

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Final Thoughts:

Addressable works differently compared to traditional TV advertisements. Addressable TV does not work by selecting the program or network to broadcast the ads on, rather it works by filtering out the audience and selecting only the audience which needs a specific product.

Addressable TV finds the audience by their geographic location, their demographics, their devices, and other sources. From the devices, the addresses (both, physical and IP) of the audience are collected, their favorite programs are kept in record, their time of watching those programs, and what type of programs they watch.

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