Where Is The Camera On My Smart TV? – [Complete Information]

The location of cameras on smart TVs is somewhere in the middle of the top lining of their bodies. However, a TV doesn’t need to have a camera in the aforesaid position, there can be some exceptions.

Possibly many of the TV users are not aware of the exact location of the camera on their smart TVs and you may have heard questions like where is the camera on my Vizio smart TV. We are going to provide considerable knowledge about the location and functionality of smart TV cameras.

However, before moving to the detailed discussion, it would better to know what is the purpose of installing a camera on smart TVs. As we know technology is developing day by day, smart TV cameras are one of the innovations in the field of smart TVs.

These cameras make possible video chat and similar other tasks. The information given in this article will enable you to have some know-how about the location and working of smart TV cameras including Vizio TV cameras.

Why Is There A Need For Smart TV Cameras?

Why Is There Need For Smart TV Cameras

It is one of the frequently asked questions why do we need smart TV cameras? Here are some of the basic reasons behind having cameras on smart TVs.

Enhanced Connectivity:

The most important factor that makes smart TV cameras mandatory is the need for better social connectivity. Video calling is the major factor in this regard. Video calling apps can not be run over TV sets until or unless they have cameras.

So, it becomes necessary for you to have cameras on your smart TVs. Hence we can say that smart TV cameras certainly help us in having better social interaction via video calling.

Smart Control:

The second major factor that justifies the need for cameras on smart TVs is the smart controls that are based on artificial intelligence. Apart from voice commands, modern artificial intelligence has made controlling TVs via gestures possible.

And it is the smart TV camera that detects or recognizes your gestures and turns them into commands. So, we can say that the importance and need for smart TV cameras can not be neglected.

How Can We Find Our Smart TV Camera Location?

Smart TV Camera Location

As mentioned earlier in the discussion TV users have no idea where the camera on their smart TVs is located exactly. Smart TV cameras are not like web cameras which have a separate physical appearance. Rather they are fixed in the body of smart TVs.

As told in the beginning, generally all of them have the same location for cameras i-e on the midpoint of the upper body line. However the location may differ from brand to brand and model to model. So here are some of the TV brands particularly distinguished concerning the location of the camera on them.

Samsung Smart TV:

Not all of the Samsung TV models have built-in cameras. Therefore, before searching for the location of the camera on it, you need to find out whether it has a built-in camera or webcam.

If your Samsung TV has a built-in camera, it will be located in the midsection of its upper body line. However, if the Samsung TV model you have doesn’t have a built-in camera, there will be a separate webcam that is easily found.


When it comes to the LG TV, you will be surprised to know that the modern or latest models of this brand do not come with a built-in camera. So, you will observe or see a webcam separately.

In case you have an older LG TV model, then it will have a built-in camera located at a position similar to a Samsung TV. So, you can easily find this camera on the top sideline of your TV.

Keeping in view the above two possibilities, we can say that you need to check out whether the LG TV is a newer or older one. And you can find the camera location accordingly.


Unlike LG and Samsung brands, none of the VIZIO smart TVs come with a built-in camera. So, there is no need to worry about finding the camera position. And it is so because you can easily see the webcam. And webcam can be distinguished from the body of the TV as it is not the part of the TV body mentioned earlier as well.

Disabling Smart TV Cameras:

Disabling Smart TV Cameras

If you are doubtful that your smart TV camera is spying on you as most people think, you can easily disable it through the simple mechanism given below.

  • First of all, go to the settings of your TV with the help of a TV remote. After entering the settings option, search for the privacy option and tap on it.
  • From privacy settings, navigate to the advertising option. Click on it and go for limit ad advertising.
  • Now go for the accessibility option and turn off the accessibility of the camera. Now your smart TV camera is successfully disabled.


Like some other users, if you lack knowledge about the camera location of your TV, then you are in the right place. This article will let you know what TVs have cameras in them and where are these cameras located.

After knowing about the location of the Samsung TV camera as a webcam, and similarly those of VIZIO and LG TVs, you will find no difficulty in searching out the camera location of your smart TV.

Hence, we can say that this article covers major aspects of smart TV camera locations. So, don’t forget to give a read to it before searching for your smart TV’s camera location.

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