What Is Airplay On TV & How To Use It? – [Complete Details]

AirPlay is used to share videos, photos, and music from Apple devices to your Apple TV, speakers, & smart TVs. Airplay is also known as Apple Airplay and this feature is to allow users to stream or get all types of media from their iPhones to any device of their choice. The Airplay feature has made it very easy for users to watch or listen to the media files, existing in their Apple smart devices, on bigger screens like TVs, monitors, and as well as LCDs.

For instance, if you are looking for ways of Screen Mirroring iPhone to iPad or any other devices like TV. If you don’t know exactly how to go for this feature, do not need to worry. We are going to explain what is airplay on TV, what you need to get started with it and how can you get benefit from this feature.

What Is Airplay Used For?

The basic purpose of using airplay is to take media and streaming from Apple smart devices to devices with bigger screens. Airplay acts as a bridge between the devices and makes the screen mirroring easier.

Enabling Airplay Feature:

Both of the devices the Apple smart device and the device you want to connect should have the same internet source as Wi-Fi. After that, you have to check out the compatibility of the airplay feature with the device you have decided to go for. Any device that is capable of running iOS 12 or any other advanced operating system can use airplay.

iPad, iPhone 5S, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and Apple iPods of 2015 and later on models are among the devices that are suitable for using the airplay feature. And when it comes to TVs, almost all of the brands including VIZIO, TCL Roku, Samsung, and Sony are compatible with airplay.

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How To Enable Airplay Feature On Different Devices?

Enable Airplay Feature

TV Sets:

It is very simple to stream your iPhone or any other Apple brand device to your TV set. What you need to do is just play the media file of your choice on the iPhone and then go to the options. From options, you need to find out the airplay option and go for it.

After selecting the airplay, an option named “Speakers and TVs” will appear on the screen. From here you can scroll down and click the device on which you want to stream the media files.


If you want to stream Apple’s devices to Roku, the most important thing is to check the compatibility of both devices. After that, you can enable the airplay option on your Roku TV.

At the same time, you need to make sure that both of the devices are connected to the same internet source i-e Wi-Fi.

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Apple TV:

You are supposed to make sure that your Apple TV and respective devices are compatible with airplay, and that both have the same source of internet. After that, you have to check out whether your Apple TV model supports airplay or not. You can do it by checking the availability of the airplay option on it.

Mac Computer:

Mac computers are also compatible with the airplay. But you can not use the airplay feature without having an app that works as a link between the two devices. Once you have downloaded the app that enables the connection between the devices, you can easily go for the airplay feature using the same procedure as mentioned above.

Pros And Cons Of Airplay Feature:


  • The first thing that gives this feature an upper hand over others is its simple and easy-to-follow procedure of enabling.
  • It provides very smooth and flawless streaming of media and therefore acts as a reliable source of streaming.
  • Its compatibility with the majority of the devices is also a plus point.


  • While availing of this feature, you have to keep other connections like Bluetooth off.
  • In case of weak signals or unstable connections, you may face problems and have to troubleshoot.
  • It is specific to Apple devices and is incompatible with devices of other brands.



If you are thinking of streaming your iPhone or similar devices of the Apple brand to any other device having no prior knowledge about how to go for it, this article provides you with complete details in this regard.

Airplay is the best option for Screen mirroring iPhones to devices mentioned above in the article. It enables you to Mirror iPhone to iPad and other devices like TVs, computers, etc. After finding a suitable device, you can use the airplay feature on it through the procedure explained above.

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