Why Is Screen Mirroring Not Working? [Problems & Solutions]

There are many reasons why screen mirroring is not working. The most common reasons behind screen mirroring issues include disabled features by default, restrictions for allowing connection to only one device, obstruction in wireless signals, faulty WI-FI connection, Bluetooth signal interruption, devices’ pairing issues, etc.

Before you get started with screen mirroring, make sure that you have checked these issues first. In this way, you can reduce the chances of any expected problem with screen mirroring. If screen mirroring not working on Apple TV or any other TV brand, the issue can be spotted and overcome using the below-given methods.

Reasons Behind Screen Mirroring Problems On TV:

Enabling The Screen Mirroring Feature:

If the screen mirroring feature is not working on your TV, then the first reason behind it is that this feature is not enabled in your TV settings. Sometimes people using the screen mirroring feature start checking cable connections and other material in case of failure of this feature. Because they are unaware of the fact the disabled feature from settings can also be a reason behind it.

Therefore, before you go to check other features, don’t forget to enable this feature from the settings of your TV if it is disabled.

Unavailability Of Multiple Devices Option:

Another major cause behind screen mirroring issues can be the unavailability of multiple device connection features. Not all TV sets allow multiple connections. Some of them restrict the connection to one device only.

Therefore, before establishing the screen mirroring connection, check whether the device allows multiple connections or not. In case it doesn’t provide this option, then keep your connection limited to one device only.

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Bluetooth Factor:

You will be surprised to know that Bluetooth can also sometimes cause problems in screen mirroring. The input information from the device you want to mirror to your TV is in the form of wireless signals.

And we know that the Bluetooth signals are wireless. So, there are chances that they can cause wireless signals to be used in screen mirroring. Therefore, to avoid this situation, always turn the Bluetooth of your TV off while going for screen mirroring.

Pairing Of Devices:

If you want to mirror mobile on your TV and not pair with each other, you can not be able to activate or enable the screen mirroring feature. Therefore, always pair the respective device with your TV before switching to the screen mirroring feature.

Screen Mirroring on tv

TV Input Settings:

If the input of your TV is set to any source other than mirroring, you may face problems while switching to the screen mirroring or most probably you will not be able to switch to this feature.

If the input is not set to the mirroring, you can set it to that easily through settings. What you need to do is go to the settings of your TV. You will find an input settings option there. From here you can set it to the mirroring using your TV remote.

Physical Interference To The Signals:

There is a probability that some objects placed between your mobile and TV can obstruct the signals. This sort of physical interference to the signals can also lead to the failure of screen mirroring.

Therefore, whenever you are going to start screen mirroring, make sure that there is no physical object placed in between your mobile phone and TV.

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Don’t Get Restricted To A Single App:

The mirroring app can be a cause of the problem. Although, it is always better for you to use the mirroring app that your TV comes with by default. But you don’t need to limit yourself to that single app because in some cases it may not work.

So, if an app is not working, you can replace it by getting a new app from the app store.

Restart Your Device:

Sometimes, it happens that everything we discussed above is ok, but still, the mirroring doesn’t work. In such cases, there can be something wrong with your devices, your smartphone as well as your TV.

So, what you have to do is just restart these devices. Restarting these devices may solve the minor issues and the screen mirroring problem gets resolved.



When it comes to screen mirroring, although, it is not a complex or difficult task, sometimes it stops working due to some minor issues. Therefore, you must be aware of the problems you may face while trying Screen mirroring Android to PC. The above-given discussion articulates the possible problems related to screen mirroring and methods to overcome them.

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