What TV Size Should I Buy? – [Factors & TV Size Comparison]

The size of the TV may vary from small and medium to large. It is up to you which one you want to get and keep given the dimensions of your room. Although 55 55-inch TV size seems suitable for the majority of the rooms, you have to take into consideration various factors before selecting a TV size.

If you are going to get a TV set, you need to be careful while selecting the TV size. It is just because getting a TV of size incompatible with the dimensions of your room can be problematic for you and can affect the TV-watching experience.

However, it would be better to start with factors that need to be considered while selecting the size.

Factors To Considered While Choosing The Size Of TV:

tv size and distance

1. Screen Size:

Routine users of TV are aware of the process of measuring the screen size of the TV. But when it comes to the new users, they need guidance in this regard as they have ambiguities regarding the calculation of TV size.

For instance, a new user may think that a 55-inch TV size means a screen of 55 inches. But it is not so, it is the diagonal measurement of the TV frame; from one corner to another corner of the opposite side. So, the actual screen size may be almost 1 inch smaller than the given measurement figure.

Therefore, for new TV users, it becomes almost necessary to have awareness about this method of screen size calculation.

2. Resolution:

The resolution of the TV screen is also worth considering factor. A person having a TV of 4K resolution can sit closer to it than the other one having a 1080p resolution TV. Similarly, an 8K TV allows you to sit even closer due to high pixel density. Therefore, while choosing a TV size you need to keep this factor in your mind as well.

3. Size Of Room:

In a big room if you are going to install big TV then the distance from the TV to the user can be more. And if you’re going to install big TV in a small room then the distance can be much more from the TV to the user.

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Apart from the room size, the way you mount or install your TV also matters. If a TV is going to be mounted on the wall, then small-sized TV will not be working. You will need a TV set of size like 60 inches or above. While in case of TV installation on the table via TV stand, the smaller sets may work.

Size of the room for tv

Comparison Between Sizes Of TVs:

1. Small:

TV sets having sizes from 20 inches up to 36 inches fall under the category of small-sized TVs. The TVs of sizes 20, 24, and 28 inches are thought to be suitable for single-person use and extra small rooms. At the same time, TVs of 36-inch size can be used in small places for a very limited number of people. TVs falling under the small size range have a compact design and can be installed in restricted places easily.

2. Medium:

Medium-sized TVs have a size starting from 40 inches and may reach up to 43 inches. These TVs are considered the best choice for small apartments or flats as their size is just perfect for these places. These TVs are suitable for small-sized families.

As far as the quality of the display is concerned, medium-sized TVs offer 4K and UHD displays which may work for live streaming from apps like Amazon, Netflix, etc. The high display quality makes them fascinating and adds a preference to them.

3. Large:

For bigger rooms, apartments, or flats where large families are residing, having a large TV screen makes the TV-watching experience amazing. A large size of TVs generally means the size of 60 inches and above.

The large TV size may reach up to 80 inches and even more than a hundred inches in some cases as well. The most fascinating feature of the large TVs is their extraordinary display of up to 8K resolution.

There are some drawbacks of using large TVs as well including their considerably high price and large space requirements.


When it comes to the compatibility of a TV with your room or any space where you want to install it, the size of a TV can not be neglected at all. For checking TV size compatibility, you should be aware of How to measure TV size as discussed at the beginning of the article.

If you have a plan to get a TV for your home, office, or any other place, the information regarding TV size given in this article will make it easy for you to choose the right TV size. Comparison among Small TV sizes, medium and large ones will let you know which one is suitable for you.

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