How To Mount A TV On Walls Without Studs? – [Complete Info]

When it comes to the mounting of TV on walls, most probably the studs are used to hold the TV with the wall after mounting. However, if due to any reason you can not install studs on the wall, then there is no need to worry about it, you can try no stud wall mount.

After buying a new TV for your living room or apartment of yours, mounting of TV is the very first thing that you must keep in mind.  Basically, there are two ways a TV can be installed through. It can be either placed on a TV table or it can be mounted on the walls.

Ways To Hang A TV When You Can’t Find A Stud:

1. Use Anchors:

The first way that you can adopt in the order it mounts or installs your TV on the wall without studs is the usage of anchors. Anchors can be understood as the structures made just for the purpose of changing things on the walls in the case when you don’t have studs.

Anchors work by providing sufficient resistance and embedding power that the screws get fixed into the walls firmly. As a result, there are very few or no chances of slipping off the screws. Therefore, whenever the walls don’t allow you to install studs, you can replace them with anchors.

2. Molly Bolts:

Molly Bolts

Another option that you can choose when you don’t want to install studs, is the molly bolts. Molly bolts provide a dependable solution to the problem of hanging your TV set through walls in the absence of studs. They provide a relatively firm grip to the mounting of heavy loads.

In other words, we can say that they are more effective than other options of their nature available nowadays. Generally, they are of two types namely pointed and non-pointed molly bolts. Pointed bolts can be directly inserted into the walls with the help of a hammer while non-pointed molly bolts need making of a hole in the wall first.

You can choose out of these two types as per the nature of the wall texture.

3. Toggle Bolts:

Toggle Bolts

Apart from the molly bolts, another option of similar nature is the toggle bolts. Toggle bolts or toggle anchors work in a more efficient way. The reason behind this is that these bolts have their ends shaped like butterfly toggles.

These bolts are inserted through the whole width of the wall and their toggle-shaped endings are on the back of the wall. Thus, exertion of any force or pressure means pulling the whole wall instead of just pulling a bolt. This factor provides unmatchable support to the heavy loads hanged against the walls.

4. Mounting In The Ceiling:

Another option that you may consider while replacing the studs is the ceiling mount. Hence, instead of installing studs in the walls, you can try mounting them in the ceiling of your home. Although, this process can be complex and tricky still it is a considerable option.

For ceiling mount what you have to do is just use the beams of the ceiling as a supporting source. However, you need to keep the nature of your house ceiling in mind so that you may choose the correct measurements of screws and other materials.

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5. Consider The Use Of Mounting Plates:

Mounting Plates

In addition to the anchors, bolts, and other similar things, you need to use mounting plates as well. First of all, you need to mount or fix the mounting plate with the wall using screws.

After mounting the plate into the wall, in the next step, you can mount your TV set with the mounting plate.


When it comes to the mounting or installation of a TV set, studs are considered to be an important tool. However, in some of the cases installation of studs is not suitable or appropriate. In such cases, you can go for the alternative methods mentioned above.

The most suitable and practical alternatives to the studs include Wall anchors for TV mount as well as Toggle anchors for TV mount. You can try one of them keeping in view your needs and requirements.

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