Can You Browse The Internet With A Smart TV? [Info & Guide]

Yes, You can browse the internet on the Smart TV. Everyone wants to watch online movies and their favorite shows on the big screen, which is only possible when your Smart TV has a great Wi-Fi connection.

If your Wi-Fi connection is stable, you can browse the internet on your Smart TV with an internet browser. The screen resolution quality depends on the internet’s stability.

What Reasons Your Smart TV Cannot Browse The Internet?

  • Your Smart TV has not had the suggested browser.
  • An outdated browser can stop internet browsing.
  • Your Smart TV has no Wi-Fi connectivity option.

Can You Use Google On A Smart TV?

Yes, you can use Google on your smart TV. You can search and watch your shows directly on Google without using any other browser.

Using Internet On Smart TV

How To Enable Web Browsers On Your Smart TV?

First, you should enable the browser on your Smart TV from the settings. I am going to tell you some intelligent clicks through which you can allow your browser:

Step#1: Open the menu and see the applications.

Step#2: Click on the internet browser.

Step#3: Open the browser.

After enabling the browser, you can do different tasks on your Smart TV.

What Are The Methods To Run The Browser On Smart TV?

If you want to browse the internet successfully on your Smart TV, then you need to follow the instructions.

smart tv

Method#1: Look Into The Connection Of Your Wifi:

Step#1: Press the Home button from your remote.

Step#2: Click on the setting, then select the option of General Menu.

Step#3: Select network, then click on network settings.

Then your Smart TV will notify you whether you are connected to the internet or not. You can also run YouTube and Netflix on your Smart TV. Sometimes these apps stop browsing because of a weak internet connection. These issues can become resolvable by restarting the router.

If you face an internet problem again, there are some issues with DNS, so first, you need to change the DNS. You can enter the public DNS, which is, which applies to google. It will fix the internet browsing issues.

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Method#2: Keep Your Browser Updated:

Without updating the browser gradually, you can’t do browsing speedily. It is compulsory to update your Smart devices to fix some issues. Follow these few steps to update your browser.

Step#1: Open settings and select the option support.

Step#2: Click on the Software update, then install the Update.

Step#3: if no updates are available, press ok.

Method#3: Clear Browser History:

Sometimes the browser stops working, and after some settings, it remains the same; then, you should clear your watch, search, and another history from the browser; it will help you run the browser speedily.

Here are some steps that you should follow to clear the history:

Step#1: Enter into settings using the Smart TV remote control.

Step#2: Select the option Web browsing setting.

Step#3: Choose the option General then click on Delete History.

Method#4: Get Chrome:

When you are facing ongoing issues with your browser, you should try Google Chrome, which is fast browsing; if your Smart TV is out of a Keyboard and a mouse, you can operate it with your voice.

Step#1: First of all, Enable the Voice Assistant.

Step#2: Give the command to your Smart TV with your voice to install Chrome; after that play, the store will appear on the screen.

Step#3: The app will start installing when you click on confirm.

Other Options We Can Use To Run The Internet Instead Of The Default Browser:

Sometimes we don’t want to use the default browsers because of privacy issues, so there are other ways to watch the movies and other serials on the Smart TV without using the device’s browser.

Streaming Device:

samrt tv with streaming device

We can connect the streaming device with a Smart TV, which will help you use different browsers faster than your TV’s browser. This device looks small, but it runs the browser fast.

Screen Sharing:

Many Smart TVs come with the option of screen mirroring, which is the most demanding feature of the users. By sharing the screen from mobile to TV, we can watch the movies on the big screen. Your phone and other Smart devices will help you watch the movies on your big-screen TV through the screen mirroring option.

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You can watch what you do on mobile on your TV as well. For screen mirroring, you should check that your Smart TV with an internet browser is connected with a secure internet connection. Without the internet, you can’t share the screen.

The Threat Of Losing Data:

Sometimes we forget to log out of our ID from the Smart TV, which may cause data misuse. It is prevalent to get hacked nowadays, so to protect yourself from any hacking issues, you should log out of your ID.

Final Verdict:

It is clear that you can browse the internet on your Smart TV. Internet browsing is only possible on Smart TV when connected with the Wi fi.

If your browser runs slowly, you can fix it by doing little tasks such as changing the DNS, clearing your watch history, and updating your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are All Smart TVs Have A Web Browser?

Yes, almost all the Smart TVs come with a Web browser so you can watch anything on your TV.

Can A Smart TV Be Compatible With Google Assistant?

Smart TVs are compatible with google assistant, through which you can open different applications: browsers, and other things by giving a command to your Smart TV with your voice.

Can I Browse The Internet On My Samsung Smart TV?

First, you need to connect your TV to WIFI, then click on the HUB button on your Smart TV remote. After that, select the web browser icon and click on enter Key; your Web browser will activate.

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