Where Are VIZIO TVs Made? – [Complete Info Of Vizio Brand]

The majority of people may be concerned about knowing where the VIZIO company products especially the TVs are made. The answer is very simple VIZIO is an American-based company and all of the components of its TV products are made in the USA.

But it is only limited to making the product parts. When it comes to the assembling of products like TV sets, this brand has a connection with the ODM companies. These companies take the product parts from the USA, carry them to different countries, and assemble them in those countries.

Some of the users may also be curious about where is Vizio headquarters. The headquarters of the VIZIO brand is located in California, USA. It means that the origin of this company links back to the USA and it serves the majority of its services in North America, but the products assembled and the services of the brand in Asia can not be overlooked.

It is so just because of the extensive network of OEM companies that are linked to this brand. Before going into further details, we need to have some introduction about the VIZIO brand.

Introduction About VIZIO:

As we know most people are always in search of brands that provide high-quality products within an affordable budget range. When it comes to purchasing a minimal-quality TV set within a low budget, you can not ignore the name of the VIZIO brand.


It is due to the commitment of the brand to provide high-quality products to the customers and reasonable pricing of these products by this brand. In other words, we can say that when it comes to practicality, you will hardly find any other brand having such a quality product and low price.

As far as the origin of the company or brand is concerned, VIZIO is a brand that has its origin in the USA (California).

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Manufacturing Of The Products:

A question may arise here where are the products of this brand manufactured? You will be surprised to know that this company does not manufacture its products, especially the TVs directly. And this thing makes this brand unique and different from the others belonging to this category.

So, instead of manufacturing its products directly as others do, VIZIO has a different mechanism. This brand has a large network of connections with various companies. These companies are named OEM companies.

The basic function these companies perform is to assemble or manufacture the products in different countries and areas of the world, on the behalf of VIZIO brand. One of the several reasons behind assembling or manufacturing VIZIO products in countries like those belonging to Asia is the low cost of assemblage in these countries.

And the main thing that causes a reduction in the cost of assembling these products is the ease of availability of the parts of these products of the VIZIO brand. The major OEM companies attached to this brand have a vast working network in Taiwan.

vizio products

AmTran Technology is one of the considerable OEM companies offering their services in Taiwan, of the VIZIO brand. And this feature of the VIZIO brand- assembling products in different countries, gives it a great resemblance to the Apple brand. Because the Apple brand has also been doing the same.

Different Series Of TVs By VIZIO Brand:

Before discussing the different series of this brand and their respective features, it is necessary to clear a misconception that is commonly found among people. And that is, the majority of the people think that some of the products of the VIZIO brand are manufactured by Sony TV.

This perception is incorrect. Although, both these brands have similarities, both of them are working separately and independently.

D Series:

If we talk about the budget-friendly series of this brand, the D series comes on the top. The TV sets offered under this series give users a 4K Ultra HD screen view. However, this series lags when it comes to the efficiency of software.

E Series:

You will find the E series also as a budget-friendly choice. But it is noteworthy that this series provides you with relatively better performance of the software.

Irrespective of the budget or price-based classification of the series, there are some other series of this brand as well namely M, S, and P series respectively. The specialty of the P series is the presence of OLED screens. This feature adds considerable value to this product of the VIZIO brand.

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Where Are VIZIO TVs Made?

Although the VIZIO brand claims to be a purely American-based TV company, you will be surprised to know that the VIZIO brand doesn’t have any direct mechanism or factory or any other setup to make its products.

Instead of assembling or manufacturing the products, this brand only manufactures the parts. The OEM and ODM companies are provided with these parts. After getting these parts, they manufacture and assemble the products on account of the VIZIO brand.

Where Are VIZIO TVs Made


No matter whether you are a user or customer of the VIZIO brand, you should be aware of certain facts and figures regarding this product. It will be helpful for you whenever you are comparing different TV brands with others.

For instance, you may need to know whether the TV set you are going to buy is among the TV brands in the USA or not. And you may need to be aware of the fact where are VIZIO TVs made.

Although it is written and claimed that VIZIO TVs are made in the USA, the reality is different. As this whole article explains the parts of VIZIO products are manufactured in America, but they are assembled and given the final shape of the product in various other countries including Taiwan as well as some Asian countries.

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