Do TVs Have Bluetooth? – [Complete Details & Visual Guide]

No, but the majority of smart TVs have a built-in Bluetooth feature. You can enjoy TV with audio via Bluetooth headphones as well as Bluetooth speakers. If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth then don’t need to worry we can enable Bluetooth with simple methods.

It is necessary for us to have some idea about which TV brands and models come with Bluetooth. And it can be easily found out through a simple and easy method given below.

Find Out Your TV Has Bluetooth Or Not?

smart tv with Bluetooth

There are different techniques you can adopt in this regard and they are as follows.

  • First of all, what is best for you to do is just navigate to the website of your TV brand. You can easily get all information regarding a TV model of that brand. Information given on the website will tell you about the availability or unavailability of Bluetooth features in your desired TV model. So, this technique can be helpful for you in selecting the Bluetooth-enabled TV model.
  • The second-best option in this regard is the user manual that comes with the TV. Simply open the user manual and go to the specifications part. Here you will find out in written firm whether your TV has Bluetooth or not.
  • You can also check this out from the settings of your TV. Using the TV remote, go to the settings and smart features respectively. If your TV has a Bluetooth feature, it will appear in the smart features.

Method For Enabling Bluetooth:

After finding out that your TV has an in-built Bluetooth, you are supposed to enable it for the purpose of availing it. Here is how you can enable Bluetooth on your smart TV.

  • This process is a little bit different from what you try on your smartphones. Unlike smartphones where turning Bluetooth on is mandatory, here in the case of smart TVs it is not necessary to keep Bluetooth on.
  • Even when you have not turned it on from the settings of your smart TV, you can still search for the available Bluetooth devices and can connect them easily.
  • However, it is noteworthy that different smart TVs may have different methods of enabling Bluetooth. Therefore, you should keep this factor in your mind. In case this method does not work on your smart TV, you can take help from the user’s manual.

How To Establish A Bluetooth Connection With TV?

Establish A Bluetooth Connection

The process of establishing a Bluetooth connection on your smart TV is very simple as told in the beginning. Here is a step-by-step procedure for that.

  • In the first step, make sure that the Bluetooth device you are going to connect with your smart TV is in pairing mode. For this purpose, you can simply press the respective button on that device. If you are unable to find out the pairing button, go to the user manual and learn how to find that button.
  • After enabling the pair button on the Bluetooth device, go to the Bluetooth setup on your smart TV via settings of your TV. Upon clicking the Bluetooth setup, a list of devices will appear on the screen.
  • Find out the device you want to connect to your smart TV and select it. A Bluetooth connection between your smart TV and the Bluetooth device will get established.

What If A Smart TV Lack In Bluetooth Feature?

If you find out that your TV doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature, then you can adopt any of the three techniques given below as per need and requirement.

  • Firstly, you can get the Bluetooth feature by navigating to the secret menu of your smart TV. As far as the method of going to the secret menu is concerned, all of the brands provide particular codes for this purpose. You can get the respective code from the user manual or by contacting the brand. Putting that code in will take you to the secret menu that gives you access to various advanced features.
  • Getting the smartphone app is the second method you can try. After getting the app, you can avail Bluetooth feature as you do on your smartphones.
  • Thirdly, many devices like Bluetooth transmitters are available in the market which makes your devices Bluetooth enabled.

Once you have successfully made your smart TV Bluetooth enabled, you can have access to amazing features like gaming and cinematic experience through Bluetooth speakers and other related devices.

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speakers connected with smart tv through Bluetooth


Keeping in view the information given above, we can conclude that yes TVs and especially smart TVs have Bluetooth features. And availing of this feature on your smart TV is not a big deal. If your TV has Bluetooth, you can simply enable and use it as told above.

Even if your TV doesn’t have this feature, this article will let you know to add Bluetooth to your TV. After getting it, you can make your gaming and TV watching experience great through TV with Bluetooth headphones.

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