Can You Use A TV As A Computer Monitor? – [Complete Guide]

Yes, you can use a TV as a monitor. There are two ways you can adopt to use a computer monitor as a TV. the first method is a wireless method and the second is a wired method.  The most suitable and appropriate method is the wireless method.

The wireless method means to go for casting or streaming. And we know that the devices that are generally used for this purpose include Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and similar others. The wired method is connecting a monitor to the TV from the wire.

What To Consider While Using A TV As A Monitor?

Whenever you are going to replace your monitor with a TV, you need to keep certain factors and features in your mind before going for it.  For example, if you are using the monitor for general use like scrolling or reading stuff like emails, then it may not be suitable for you to shift to the TV. Because a bigger screen requires more neck and eye movement for reading.

And if the purpose of using a monitor is gaming, streaming, or entertainment, then shifting towards TV is a better option for you. Similarly, other things that need to be considered are given below.

1. Lagging:

Input lag is something worth considering while switching toward the TV. This lag can be explained as a time gap between your input through the mouse and the response towards this input by your TV. You must keep in mind that TV screens being bigger in size, have a more probability of lagging. They have a few milliseconds of more input lag when compared with a computer screen.

Therefore, before making any decision regarding screen shifting, don’t forget to take this factor into consideration.

2. Refresh Rate Of The Screen:

Refresh rate also matters a lot when it comes to displaying quality. The term refresh rate defines the capability of your TV screen to refresh or change the image every second. The quality of the display will be better if the refresh rate is high on a TV screen.

You should know that the refresh rate of a monitor is always higher than a TV. Monitors have a refresh rate reaching up to 240 Hz. While TV screen’s refresh rate is around 120 Hz and generally not more than this.

If you want your screen display to be really fast and free from lag, make sure that you are using your TV as a monitor that must have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

refresh rate on a tv

3. Gaming Mode:

While switching from a monitor to a TV, make sure that TV has a gaming mode option. It will help you in maintaining the display quality. Actually, response time makes a difference. Response time means the time taken for the display of pixels. TVs usually have a slower response time as compared to monitors. And you can compensate it on TV by enabling the gaming mode.

4. Compressing The Colors:

Compression also makes a quality difference that most people are unaware of compression of pictures. As the majority of smart TVs do automatically results in a low-quality display. Therefore, while using a TV in place of a monitor, don’t forget to set the compression or chroma color to a 4:4:4 level.

How To Establish The Connection Of A TV As Monitor?

Establish The Connection Of A TV As Monitor

Wireless Connection:

You have to get any streaming device like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. Connect the device to your TV wirelessly by selecting it as an input source from your TV’s settings. The connection of the device will allow and enable you to display your computer on the TV screen instead of a monitor.

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Wired Connection:

You have to make sure that the TV set you’re using has a slot or port for HDMI. After that, you have to get an HDMI cable and connect your PC to the TV by connecting one end of the HDMI cable to each of the devices and in their respective slots.

After connecting both of them through an HDMI cable, go to the settings of your TV. Find out the input option and set it to the HDMI. Now your PC will start displaying on the TV screen.


Sometimes people need to display their computers on their TV sets. For instance, when they are in need of entertainment, they will obviously need a bigger display.

They can either get it when they connect the monitor to TV HDMI or when they go for a wireless connection as discussed above. So, if you are also concerned about TV vs monitor for movies or for other entertainment, you can use your TV as a monitor.

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