Top 5 Best Tv For Retro Gaming 2024 – [Expert Reviews & Guide]

If you have retro consoles such as Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo, you have access to the greatest roots of gaming. However, plugging these consoles into modern TV might not provide a joyful experience from your past. To be honest, a game looks fuzzy and distorted. That’s why you need to find the best TV for retro gaming to enjoy the real excitement of retro games.

But the question is, Can I find retro gaming TV with such advancements in modern technology? Well, you are not the only retro gaming lover on planet earth. Cutting long things short, here are top-rated 5 TVs for retro gaming that have been selected based on features, user reviews, and price.

5 Best Retro Gaming TVs

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
VIZIO V655-J09 Gaming TVVIZIO V655-J09 Gaming TV4.6 Check Price
Caixun EC24Z2 LED TVCaixun EC24Z2 LED TV4.4 Check Price
LG NanoCell Smart TVLG NanoCell Smart TV4.4 Check Price
Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TVHisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV4.2 Check Price



Quick Features:

  • Screen size 32 inches
  • Resolution 4K
  • Connectivity technology Bluetooth, Wireless, HDMI, USB
  • Display Technology QLED

Bring more than a billion colors to your retro gaming experience with this Samsung 32 inches QLED 4K UHD Smart TV. Designed for gaming lovers, this 4K QLED TV is an ideal choice for both dark and bright gaming scenes. Enjoy every scene with truly breathtaking 100% color volume and Quantum Dot technology.

Featuring QLED 4K resolution, the TV allows enjoying an excellent level of clarity with a crystal clear picture that is almost 4x the resolution of full HD. The smart retro gaming TV has a sophisticated and slim design. It ideally improves every space and has an elegant OneRemote that automatically detects and controls all compatible devices. There is a convenient and straightforward on-screen universal guide to prevent searching hassle and enjoy more quality viewing time.

Just like the best smart TV for gaming, there is a built-in voice assistant Bixby to help search your favorite movies, adjust volume and change the channel. If you have a Samsung Galaxy 8 series or higher phone, you can use the TV with your smartphone. The feet are perfectly set on both ends to prevent the TV from wobbling.

The 32-inch retro gaming TV is made of plastic, but the build quality is durable. It comes with excellent contrast that results in deep blacks. However, the viewing angle is not up to the mark due to its small size. Consider best TV for viewing angle to enjoy every scene with superior clarity.

The black uniformity is decent with good reflection handling. It comes with a 60Hz refresh rate and is therefore not recommended for advanced gaming. Other notable features include an Ethernet port, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB (2.0) ports, a composite Input, and a digital audio output.

  • Impressive low input lag for gaming
  • Excellent Deep blacks
  • Simple on-screen guide
  • Powerful 4K UHD Processor
  • Great audio quality
  • Noticeable motion artifacts

2. TCL 32S335 Roku Smart TV:

TCL 32S335 Roku Smart TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen Size 32 Inches
  • Resolution 720p
  • Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
  • Display Technology LED

Are you looking to buy retro gaming TV for under $200? Well, this well-built TV by TCL comes with decent features to provide excellent all-around performance. Featuring a built-in Roku, the TV is easy to use with a VA panel to provide a perfect contrast ratio. The viewing angle is narrow, which makes an image too bright when viewing off-center.

This entry-level gaming TV comes with a simple design with a unique back. The bezels are relatively thick that are manufactured of glossy plastic. The stand is made of plastic and as wide as the TV with decent support. The best part about the part is the metal material which adds to the durability of the TV. There is a VA penal offering an excellent contrast ratio and display of deep black.

However, the contrast may vary between units. Another standout feature is the consistent brightness. When it comes to reflection handling, this best TCL TV for retro gaming provides decent performance in moderately-lit rooms.

Although the response time is decent, you may feel motion blur during fast-moving content. The input lag is fairly low, which may be high for reaction-based retro games. However, you can reduce the input lag by switching to the gaming mode.

There is a unique feature in this best TV for retro gaming that automatically detects when your computer is connected and switches the TV into PC mode to provide the lowest input lag possible. This TCL TV supports Dolby Digital and DTS audio over ARC or optical connections. Other notable features include a built-in Roku, a simple remote, and a user manual.

  • Decent reflection handling
  • Great native contrast
  • Convenient voice control with Google and Amazon Alexa Assistant
  • Easy-to-Use Remote
  • Decent response time
  • Limited 720p resolution

3. Sony X85J 65 Inch TV:

Sony X85J 65 Inch TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen Size 65 Inches
  • Resolution 4K
  • Display Technology LED
  • Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI

A high-end gaming TV with a budget-friendly price, the X85J comes packed with exciting features for both TV and gaming lovers. Featuring a refresh rate of 120Hz, this smart TV for retro gaming has powerful image processing features to deliver a crisp and vibrant picture on all types of content. Thanks to the unique TRILUMINOS PRO display technology by Sony, the unit reproduces a wide palette of colors to make High Dynamic Range content look stunning.

There are several HDR formats, including HDR10, which is ideal for Ultra HD Blu-ray movies and 4K content. Also, it can conveniently handle Dolby Vision format. The dynamic HDR system perfectly adjusts brightness and all color levels. Sony has added a 4K HDR processor X1 to analyze the color in individual objects and also adjust the contrast accordingly. For instance, when an object is remastered individually, the TV offers greater depth, improved texture, and a more realistic picture.

When it comes to gaming, the X85J has some great gaming features. It can support ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), 4K at 120Hz, and eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel). After a firmware update, this gaming TV will also support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate for smooth and tear-free graphics. The streaming option includes a built-in Google TV app, Alexa Assistant, Chromecast, and Apple AirPlay 2 to stream a variety of content from smartphones and compatible computers.

  • Upscale low-resolution content perfectly
  • Excellent contrast
  • Very low input lag
  • TRILUMINOS PRO Display technology
  • X-Balanced Speaker system with Acoustic Auto Calibration
  • Direct reflections can be distracting

4. Hisense 40H5500F Smart TV:

Hisense 40H5500F Smart TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen Size 39.5 Inches
  • Resolution 1080p
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI
  • Display Technology LCD

A perfect choice for small rooms, the 40 inches smart TV by Hisense offers a full high definition display and many content options. The rich Full-HD 1080p resolution produces excellent colors and clarity to enjoy your favorite movies and games. Featuring a 120Hz motion rate, the Hisense 40H5500F provides minimum blur or stuttering. This feature is handy for watching action movies, playing games, and also sports programs.

There is a Bluetooth audio interface to stream your favorite music through a Bluetooth soundbar or headphones. The sound is impressive and accurate with DTS Virtual:X sound. Hisense has added two seven watts speakers to make the sound experience more enjoyable. You can use two HDMI ports to connect a computer or Amazon Firestick to the TV.

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You can easily control your TV with an easy-to-use voice-enabled remote, including changing the channel, adjusting the volume, or searching for your favorite movie or TV show. Other smart features include parental control, built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast, noise reduction, and closed caption. Last but not least, the manufacturer is offering a one-year limited warranty for Hisense 40H55500F smart TV.

  • Google Assistant and Chromecast Built-In
  • Best for games and action movies
  • Wireless Bluetooth Audio
  • Easy-to-use voice-enabled remote
  • One year warranty
  • Package packing complains

5. TCL 55R635 TV:

TCL 55R635 TV

Quick Features:

  • Screen Size 50 Inches
  • Resolution 4K
  • Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI
  • Display Technology QLED

TCL 6 Series has been incredibly popular for its excellent design, features, and user-friendliness. Thanks to the fantastic contrast ratio, the R635 is an ideal choice for playing games and watching movies in dark rooms. However, the local dimming feature may cause blooming around bright objects. The mainframe is made with plastic and metal, which gives a premium feel. The stand is wide enough to be placed on a large table.

When it comes to contrast ratio and SHR peak brightness, there are only a few smart TVs that can compete with R635. It produces deep blacks with decent bright to combat glare. The HDR peak brightness during gaming mode is impressive, which gets bright in most scenes. Viewing angles are ordinary and are not recommended for wide seating arrangements.

Another great feature is a great response time. Most fast-moving content has reduced motion blur, which makes it an ideal choice for action movies and games. TCL has used PWM (pulse width modulation) to dim the backlight at all brightness levels.

There is an ALLM (auto latency gaming mode) that automatically switches it into Gaming mode when you launch a game from any compatible device. Other notable features include Quantum dot technology, Amazon Alexa and Google Voice assistant, 4HDMI inputs, and THX Certified Game Mode.

  • PQ Engine for upscaling
  • Fantastic contrast ratio
  • Easy-to-use Roku interface
  • Excellent SDR peak brightness
  • Displays a wide color gamut for HDR content
  • Narrow viewing angles

How To Connect Retro Console To A Modern TV?

Now you have retro gaming TV options, but you must be wondering, is it possible to connect a retro console to modern TV? Yes, it is possible to enjoy your favorite retro gaming on modern smart TV. Take a look at how to connect a retro console to modern TV.

Checking TV Ports:

First of all, make sure to check the ports on a smart TV. You can easily connect the retro console to your new TV without any hassle. The TV should have RCA, component, or coaxial cables for connection.


RCA cables have three-pin connectors, including yellow, white, and red. On the other hand, component cables have three options, including blue, red, and green. If a TV has ports with corresponding colors, you can connect it easily. Typically a modern TV defaults to a widescreen aspect ratio which results in a stretched-out image. You need to switch to 4:3 aspect ratios to play retro games.


If a retro gaming console has a coaxial connector like the NES, you can connect the TV conveniently. Such a type of connection comes with older consoles, especially from the 70s and 80s. Coaxial utilizes the antenna input on the TV to provide both audio and video signals from a gaming console. You should tune the TV to the right channel. All you need is to remember to use an analog, not digital tuner on a modern TV.

RCA To HDMI Converter:

However, the chances are your TV may not be having any of the mentioned ports. You need to buy RCA to HDMI converter. These handy boxes take the analog signal of an old gaming console and convert it to a digital signal that can be fed to TV via HDMI.

The best part is they are straightforward to set up. Just plug the red, yellow, and white RCA cables to retro gaming console into the converter and connect it to TV via HDMI. Check out the best RCA to HDMI converters and adapters for your retro gaming console.

RCA to HDMI converter

S-Video To HDMI Converter:

Some video game consoles introduced after the 1-bit (Genesis, SNES) generation was able to provide output through S-Video. To be honest, S-Video offers better quality video output. S-Video to HDMI Converter works like an RCA converter with less or no difference. Here are the best S-Video to HDMI converters available on the market.

S-Video To HDMI Converter

S-Cart To HDMI Converter:

Another option is to use S-Cart to HDMI converter. These converters perfectly convert the analog S-Cart signals to HDMI cable. Check out some high-quality S-Cart to HDMI converters available on the market.

S-Cart To HDMI Converter


Retro games are also popular as they were, but now the technological advancements have created some problems. Dealing with them can surely take you back to the nostalgic era of retro games. Finding the best TV for retro gaming is indeed the best way to enjoy your favorite games.

However, you have to connect them with a retro console, as mentioned above, for the best gaming experience. Make sure to find the right connecting device for your smart TV to avoid any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Play Retro Games On 720P Resolution?

A TV with 720p resolution is a cheap device with few features. However, you can assume that such resolution can be up-scaled. Up-scaling not only induces lag but also decreases the picture quality of your TV for retro gaming consoles. In fact, a 720p resolution doesn’t even fit into 1080p but may into 4K.

What Is An Acceptable Lag For Gaming?

Remember, latency is measured in ms (milliseconds) and refers to the connection quality within your network. The acceptable lag for gaming is in-between 100ms or less. However, 20-40ms is recommended for gaming.

How To Connect A Retro Game Console To A Smart TV?

Plug the red, yellow, and white RCA cables to the retro console into the adapter and then connect it to your TV using HDMI. You can easily find the best HDMI converts for retro games under $20 on the market.

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