How To Clean An OLED TV Screen? – [Complete Information]

People are thinking & finding ways to clean flat screen tv without streaks. If you are also in search of methods of cleaning an OLED TV screen, then you’re at the right place. This article will help you find out the way of cleaning an OLED TV screen.

 When it comes to cleaning a TV or specifically talking about an OLED TV screen, you need to be careful about it. Because the process is not the same as that of cleaning windows or mirrors. In contrast with the other glass cleaning procedure, here you are supposed to use a tv screen cleaner homemade instead of other cleaning agents.

Process Of Cleaning An OLED TV Screen:

1. Unplug Your TV:

Before you start the process of cleaning your TV screen, make sure that you have turned the TV off by unplugging it. It is necessary to disconnect electricity because there is the probability of infliction of harm to your TV during the cleaning process if not done so.

The cleaning agent or liquid you are using may affect the working of your TV screen if not turned off. Therefore, before heading towards the process of cleaning, turn off your TV and unplug it.

2. Get A Piece of Lint-Free Cloth:

After unplugging your TV, get a lint-free cloth and cut an appropriately sized piece from it. Finding a lint-free cloth is necessary because not all clothes a suitable for cleaning your TV screen.

Some of the clothes may leave marks or streaks on the screen which may destroy the look of your TV and affect the watching of your favorite drama series or whatever you are interested in. So, consider this factor as well while cleaning the screen of your TV.


3. Remove the Loose Dirt:

With the help of the lint-free cloth, gently wipe or rub the screen of your TV. It will certainly remove all of the loose dirt on your TV screen. After removing all the loose dirt, you may be concerned about the sticky or stubborn marks or stains. But, instead of worrying about it, you can easily remove them with the help of a homemade cleaner.

4. Prepare Homemade Cleaner For OLED TV Screen:

You need to be careful in the selection of cleaners because the ordinary glass or screen cleaners available in the market contain harsh chemicals like benzene and thinners. These chemicals can badly affect the very fine protective coating on the screen.

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Not only this, but they can also get into the buttons and other parts of TV and cause problems there as well. Therefore, it is always better to prepare a homemade cleaner by mixing vinegar and water in equal proportion. This cleaner will be the most suitable one for your TV  screen.

5. Clean the Screen Carefully:

Clean the screen carefully

After preparing the cleaner, spray a very fine mist of it on the cloth in a limited quantity. Be careful while spraying, because excess cleaner spray can also cause various problems. After spraying the cloth with a cleansing agent, swipe it to the screen softly. It will remove nearly all the hard stains or smears easily.

However, you can keep repeating this process until or unless you get the required results. In this way, you can clean your TV screen easily and efficiently.


Watching favorite movies, TV serials, and cartoons is the hobby of many of us. But, loose dirt, stains, and fingerprints may cause disturbance in it. Therefore, everyone wants the screen of his TV to be crystal clear.

No matter whether you are concerned about how to clean fingerprints off the tv screen or you want to get rid of the stubborn stains, the step-by-step procedure given above will give you amazing results. This procedure will let you know how to clean a tv screen effectively.

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