Top 5 Best Smart TVs For Web Browsing – [Buying Guide 2024]

Best Smart TVs For Web Browsing

While TVs have been a must-have product in everyone’s home for decades in order to watch favorite shows, the best smart TVs have changed the whole game by introducing unique new features. A smart TV does everything from having various apps to run to going online and getting your tasks done through web browsing. A … Read more

How To Reset Proscan TV? – [3 Methods With Detailed Info]

How To Reset Proscan TV

The process of resetting a Proscan TV is very simple and easy to go. There are three different methods to reset a Proscan TV power reset, button reset, and factory reset respectively. You can choose between these three keeping in view the compatibility of your TV and ease of doing or performing the reset. Like … Read more

Top 5 Best TVs For Macular Degeneration 2024 [Reviews & FAQs]

Best TVs For Macular Degeneration

Are you suffering from macular degeneration but want to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports? Thanks to innovative technologies, you can find the best TV for macular degeneration on the market. A smart TV with a large screen, excellent picture quality, and great sound are good for people with low eyesight. However, finding … Read more

Are Smart TVs Safe And Secure? – [Risks & Its Solutions]

Are Smart TVs Safe And Secure

Smart TVs are not as safe as they are supposed to be. There are several factors that make smart TV unsafe and insecure. Some of these factors include internet connectivity, the presence of a camera and mic, Smart TV tracking and etc. If you are a new smart TV user and are in need of … Read more

Can Smart TVs Be Hacked? – [Security & Its Complete Details]

Can Smart TVs Be Hacked?

Yes, A smart TV can be hacked, and hacking a smart TV is easier compared with other TVs. The reason behind it is the incapability of a smart TV to have modern anti-virus and anti-malware software installed and run in it. A hacked TV can leak the private information of the users. But smart TV … Read more

Can TV Screens Be Fixed? – [Methods Of Fixing & Solutions]

Can TV Screens Be Fixed

Yes, The TV screen can be fixed. As far as the question is concerned, Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen, the way a screen gets broken, matters a lot.  If the damage is just on the surface of the screen and has not pierced into pieces your LCD, LED, or plasma screen, then … Read more

Do TVs Have Cameras? – [Detailed Risk Factors & Solutions]

Do TVs have cameras

Not all TVs have cameras, but the majority of the smart TVs have cameras installed in them. These cameras are generally termed built-in cameras. Some TV users think that their TV camera is spying on them, therefore, they are always looking for ways to disable it. While others think that it is perfectly ok to … Read more

Do TVs Use A Lot Of Electricity? [Complete Info & Solution]

Do TVs Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The average power consumption by TV ranges somewhere between 80 and 300 watts. Modern TVs usually use 58.6 watts in On mode and 1.3 watts on standby mode. However, the wattage of a TV depends on various factors including the size of the TV, nature of the display, usage time as well as other aspects. … Read more

Top 5 Best TVs For PS4 Slim 2024 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

best selling tvs for ps4 slim

A modified version of PS4, the PS4 Slim comes with a design that is 30% smaller, 30% less power consumption, and 16% lighter than the previous models. However, without the best TV for ps4 slim, it is impossible to enjoy the full features of this fantastic gaming console. The question is, how can I find … Read more

Do TVs Have Blue Light? – [Harmful Effects & Solution]

Do TVs Have Blue Light?

Yes, there is blue light being emitted from your TV screen while you are watching TV. The majority of the TV models emit blue light color as it is a part of the display colors. And you should also know that this blue light from a TV screen is likely to have a bad impact … Read more